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Seeking a new forum nick name - your thoughts welcome!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, May 15, 2009.

  1. Been pondering a name change for myself on this forum but have been unable to come up with anything other than rude and unsuitable choices.
    Now I am aware that many of you are full of... the creative spark... and as such I am seeking your thoughts on a suitable nick name for forum purposes.
    Can you help a fella out?

  2. "Stromeister"
  3. Just use your name.
  4. He Can't :p
  5. How about Harold084?
    I like it, and you should too.
  6. Algernon
    or maybe (dunno if any of these are taken)
    Strom und drang
    VicVic (twice as good? :p )
  7. :LOL:

    .. Vstrom_Vic
  8. LOL.

    Perhaps I should throw in a few facts about myself to broaden the choices.
    • * I am rather hirsute.
      * I'm quite literate and a speed reader.
      * I enjoy swearing.
      * I'm open to bribery.
      * I enjoy quiz triv nights at pubs.
      * I'm partial to imbibing alcohol at pubs.
      * I like cold pizza.
      * I champion the cause of apathy.
      * The most money I'll spend on clothes in a year probably equates to 3 tanks of fuel for my car... no, make that 2 tanks.
      * When the bad guys die in extremely ironic and graphic ways in a hollywood movie - I'm the only guy who laughs delightedly in the cinema while everyone else grimaces in disgust.
      * I have killed a Super Blackbird.
  9. What about Slick Vic ?
  10. 'Aussie Vic' if you have watched Underbelly you will understand ;)
  11. Sonofabitch_vic
  12. What about Slack Vic then ?
  13. banana fred
  14. How about John?
  15. Harold084, slack vic, banana fred... amusing... yet...
  16. Love it
  17. Vic Bitter

    Strom Queen


    Cat muffin

    Angry Fridge

    Kool Kettle

    "Tummy bug" The 5th rider of the Apocalypse

    slumpy nutjabber





    I'm running dry

    Pillow Mechanic

    Flap Cakes

    Dish wheel

    satay streak


    saddle steak

    wheelie cheese

    toilet trauma

    clean break

    radish gum



    fuel cap

    foggy visor

    beetroot boner



    It's pretty random without knowing you and your personality.

  18. Hmm, while it is some time ago, having met you a few times, I always thought Vic Slick was a good handle. However, if you really want to change it, how about:

    LaughingMan or "Laughing Man"
    Mountain Man (or is this too harsh?)

    or try building a neat name from an accronym. i.e.

    DESMOSS (Drinking, Eating, Swearing Man Of Significant Stature)
    LEDASMOSS (Laughing, Eating, Drinking, And Swearing Man Of Significant Stature)
    TMWSALAD (The Man Who Swears And Laughs At Death)
    SMWLAD (Swearing Man Who Laughs At Death)
    PEMSALAD (Pizza Eating Man, Swearing And Laughing At Death)
    APEMWSALAD (Apathetic Pizza Eating Man Who Swears And Laughs At Death)
    PEAMWRALAD (Pizza Eating Apathetic Man Who Rides And Laughs At Death)

    You get the idea. I can't find the right combination. You would need to put the full wording in your signature!

    Oh yeah, don't make it anything to do a the VStrom, since you are sure to change that at some time.

  19. "Hairy Bastard" covers all your description.
  20. Hehe... hairy bastard. It's a thought. Being too lazy to shave has its merits and drawbacks.

    Mountain man... well I live in the Mt Dandenongs... has connotations to Grizzly Adams. However I do not have a pet bear. :p