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Seeking a jackets in colours for greater visibility with car

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nexus1111, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. I'm a newbie. I still need to buy a helmet and the assorted safety gear. One of the best pieces of advice I got was to not wear black gear but get something brighter for visibility (particulary in grey Melbourne).

    The problem is, everything is in black, or mostly black. I do see some black and red jackets, but where is the yellow and orange? My pushbike rain gear is yellow, so why are manufacturers limiting colour choices? Worst stil there seems to be the all pervading notion that just because I am female, I must love pink.... YUCK!

    Any suggestions for good visible coloured jackets would be awesome. I am searching online, but obviously having personal recommendations would be gratefully received.
  2. [​IMG]



    plenty around, just need to search
  3. Get a black jacket then go spend $5 on a Hi-Viz vest to throw over the top.
  4. Most motorcycles have their headlight hardwired to be 'on' when in use.
    If motorists can't see that, well then a fluro jackets etc won't register with them either.

    Better to improve reflexes & observation skills etc. Because on a motorcycle you will always be invisable to the motorist that takes you out.

  5. Debatable.

    A headlight is far easier to lose in traffic than a bright coloured fluro vest.
  6. i'll quote the other half :p

    i'd rather avoid a situation, or know how to get out of one, than simply hope that car about to hit me has seen me, thats for sure!

    i could look like an oompa loompa and i dont think it would make me any safer on the road :LOL:
  7. Good idea. Those workplace workwear places have a lot of stuff that can be used on a bike.
  8. Most cage drivers, if they look at all look for a large object. If they don't register one they proceed to do what they planned.:roll:
    Bike/jacket colour makes no difference. Buy what's going to protect you in a fall/slide situation and learn how to avoid being brought undone either by yourself or someone else. :wink:
  9. if you are going to get a colorful jacket, don't get something predominantly white
    it will be a dirty mess in a short amount of time

    i wear all black, because thats what ninjas wear and ninjas are cool

    i'd say a bright helmet is a nice compromise if you are going to get a dark colored jacket
  10. [​IMG] Quite a bit of those black areas are actually reflective hi-vis.
  11. haha haksu, I have oodles of maintenance ahead of me! Put the deposit down on my new (SH) bike yesterday as well... which is a rather more striking colour combo than my black/red effort to the left.
  12. I would second the proposal to buy yourself a decent hi-viz vest and make sure it has decent fastening otherwise it will rip open when you are riding. I do agree that you need to ride carefully too but don't underestimate the visibility of the vests - they are not called hi-viz for nothing :)
  13. tiger angel sell their element jacket in hi-vis yellow. cordura & gore-tex. its waterproof and you can wear it most of the year in melb. bit exxy but its close to all you'll need for a jacket. had mine for a year or so