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See'ing bikes on the daily commute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Some days, on my 25km each way commute, I will see 10+ bikes going in the same direction occassionally even having 3 or 5 of us travelling together because of traffic lights and traffic flow.

    On other days, I will see none. Not a single bike going in the same direction for the entire trip. I don't pass one, one doesn't pass me, don't come across one at lights, and one doesn't come across me.

    I understand why on inclement weather days, as quite obviously there is less riders on the road when it rains. But on nice warm and sunny days like this morning in Melbourne? I think it's strange not to see a single bike.

    Does anyone else experience this scenario on there commute?

  2. Maybe because of course all Melbourne riders use all the gear all the time, they thought it would be a little warm for them :LOL:
  3. You didn't see a single one?

    Fark, I've been told to ride like I'm invisible, but they must have taken things up a notch down there :shock:
  4. Pffft... pansies :p . Mesh jackets!

    I didn't see another bike this morning either.

    EDIT: :rofl: Ktulu
  5. most morning i see no bikes on my commute to work....no matter whether it is wet or dry
  6. Funny isn't it! I think wettish days is particularly weird, sure it's slightly more dangerous, but there's all the more reason to ride because the traffic is normally a nightmare when it's raining. My gear is excellent at getting me to work dry.

    I did see none in the opposite direction this morning (which is rare), and a reduced amount headed city-bound as I was. Must be the warm weather. I was in full leathers (Guardian, which does breather better than normal ones), but will DEFINITELY be a sweaty bum when I get home this evening...as opposed to just a bum when I get home most evenings. ;)

    Butz. :beer:

    P.S. Mouth, you have a PM. ;)
  7. i commute pretty much every day but it's starting to drive me crazy doing St Kilda road every morning.

    so i'm trying different routes for my sanity.

    has gone through my mind though....there was a bloke on an R1 who i'd see every morning..


    seems to be less people commuting, but more pseudo-naked people on scooters.
  8. Motorbike carpark at work is overfull today. Clearly people are still out there.
  9. Today is the first day for around a month that I haven't ridden into work, being the idiot that I am, I caught the train and reminded myself of why I have been riding.
  10. I ride the monash at the same times every day. I always see the same group of bikes, rain hail or shine. Obviously there are more random bikes on nice weather days.

    I see them all go past cos ?I dont usually split. lol :LOL:
  11. Mondays are scattered with RDO's so I find them a bit sporadic for bikes.
    Lately though...scooting up and down the monash each day, I am starting to see alot of bigger scooters out and about. (among the usual crowd).

    Would be rare not to see a few bikes though.
  12. Maybe they saw you and got out of your way :LOL: :grin:

    Dont disable my account! Twas a joke.
  13. :rofl:

    I usually see a few every morning & late avo riding up frankston-Dandenong rd, and Sth Gippy ( when I decide to take the long way home )
    But its on those real wet days that REAL riders and WANNBE's -- like me, show their true colors :p :p
  14. At one stage this morning, riding up FTG rd, there was a bike in each of the three lanes.

    We all rode at a diff pace, but seemed to meet up at the lights together anyway.
  15. Shift work?
  16. Mondays on a whole tend to be better for traffic as a lot of people extend their weekend with a sickie on Mondays

    Tuesdays are usually packed
    Wednesdays are average
    Thurs are packed again
    and Fridays has early peak hours (from 4ish instead of 5ish)

    So perhaps the general traffic flow also attributes to the amount of bike riders. How was your ride in? If it was quite flowing then perhaps the bikes didn't clump together due to being able to travel at a comfortable speed =D
  17. perhaps Monday is a bad example since most people would have been out riding on the Sunday if the weather was pleasant?
  18. I travel on the Monash from FTG Rd to Burnley and return. Some days I see heaps, some days (like today) I see a couple, other days I see none. Go figure
  19. Drove 3k's into Dandenong & in that time saw (4) sports & (1) cruiser.
    No guessing the sole rider who had leathers on either snicker.

    Also good to see the baps starting to come out of hiding as well. smiley_dance.
  20. counter

    I have develop this annoying habit of counting how many riders I see every morning.
    I typical average around 15riders. With a max of 30 in one morning.
    but I do ride a fair distance every morning (70klms calder/tulla/out st kilda way)
    I do see my regulars :grin:

    but I still rode in this morning with the leathers on, I think I will be working back tonite to wait till it drops a few degrees, As St kilda is going to be packed tonite on the way out.

    In the past if its absolutely stinker I have worn my dainese body armour
    with a shirt over the top, though its bright pink it doesnt really go well my current ride, but I used to use it all the time for dirt never had an issue with.

    Bring the warm weather on...