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seed of an idea for a ride around melbourne..wadda think?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by matt232, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. On the Saturday before taking off for the long weekend I popped into the Heidelberg cluster of bike shops looking for a pair of Alpinestars SP1 gloves to replace my rapidly disintegrating pair (if anyone knows where a XXL pair of these are please let me know) but didn't find any in my size.

    Adding to my need to track down these gloves and stumbling across a Shopping tour page on this website while planning the route to for the weekend away I wondering if anyone would be interested in tagging along to make a bit of a tour of as many bike shops as we can fit into one day.

    How does that (recycled) idea grab you all?

    I guess the next step is to collate all the bike shop districts around the place and decide which ones we want to visit.

    Elizabeth St
    heidelberg (most gear for girls I've seen in a while)
    Brighton - Nepean Hwy
    Burwood Hwy -Jeffrey's Honda & BTX

    Would also like to venture into the wilds of the west to make it a full coverage of the city, so throw in as many stores/ shopping districts as you can think of. Feel free to get the PoS jokes out of the way as soon as you like. :p

    I think the best way to do things is to just have a route and let riders loosely follow it rather than having designated leaders and tail end charlies, especially if the group is quite large, smaller independent groups that want to move around the route more freely would work better and prevent and huge influx of people to the stores and people standing around in stores waiting for everyone to get their act together.
  2. Re: seed of an idea for a ride around melbourne..wadda think

    Oh....... really? I always find hard to find a glove in my size - xs
  3. Ohhh.... by the way, they should be able to order your size for you!

    I got my Alphinestar glove from Peter Steven Ringwood, they order my size for me, no need to put deposit, they call you come to try on it when its arrived.
  4. Problem with the SP1 are they are apparently discontined so they can't order them in. So I've got to track down one on a shelf somewhere or find a glove I like as much.
  5. Matt,
    think it is a great idea, I would be interested in tagging along to try and find the best price for Elle's new helmet, I may even be able to find a 250 for her at the same time.
  6. If I get enough uni work finished I might tag along for a bit of fun.
  7. heyya matt 2-3-2

    i know i hung shite on u about this idea...but, hey i'll be in if its scheduled in a pay week!

    are u going 2 have one of those microphones to spruik with @ each stop like those chicks on the shopping tour buses?? :p
  8. Matt232

    Is it possible to go to Sunbury Yamaha, so I can cheat on my Joe by sitting on a R1 or R6 again?

    Are Peter Stevens Spares and Accessories a no no as well? Or on the list?
  9. OK - here's my really dumb suggestion - why have a treasure hunt that takes us to the bike shops. We can all collect some clues and make it like a rally. I'll give some thought as to how teams might work (at safe and legal speeds) to complete the course first.
  10. Whats the treasure? A pair of Alpinestars Sp-1 XXL gloves? :p

    If thats the case I might have to move forward my purchase of a GPS navigation system. Constantly pulling out the melways is going to slow me down a lot and I can only carry so many torn out melways pages in my dri-rider jacket.
  11. Hmmm that sounds like fun...
    but if its easter weekend count me out cause Im heading of on the Thursday morning and wont be back til the Monday afternoon.
  12. If you stick the shop on the list (i.e. into this thread) then I will attempt to include it in the list. Even if it is PoS. But its better if we can stop at clustered bike shops me thinks.
  13. Same here.

    The weekend calenders look pretty full for a while (Supers, HART Ride for Life, Easter, etc etc etc) so we are probably going to put this one off for at least a month. I'm guessing we are going to have to make it a Saturday deal so that the shops are actually open.

    Never-the-less, once worked out I'll throw the route up on a website somewhere so those that miss out can always run the gauntlet another day.
  14. Advert for Sunbury Yamaha It is a bit out of the way, but not completely not on track....it's near Calder Fwy....Thought there could be treasures there. But I can't say as I haven't been there.
  15. yeah and i want drinks and niblies provided! :p
  16. we have a volunteer!!!!
  17. come on people!!! Which stores am I missing?
  18. If your doing Jeffrey Honda and BTX the slip down FTG road 500 meters and visit Floyd Parkes Kawasaki. They are an excellent bunch and really make you feel welcome in the place. The whole service area is visible from the showroom so you can relax with a cuppa and watch the guys work on your bike if you like.
  19. Re: seed of an idea for a ride around melbourne..wadda think

    Could try Peter Stevens for your gloves
  20. Re: seed of an idea for a ride around melbourne..wadda think

    Yes yes I could.......but I won't. I be tanning my own leather and making my own gloves before that happens.