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See you on the road. Finally.

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Ausfox, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Well, after months of reading, researching, sitting on, and changing my mind on bikes I've bitten the bullet and will be getting my CBR250R on friday. Bad news is I go away for 4 days on Saturday morning.

    I'll post some photos when I get a chance.

    Thanks everyone for all your advice and wisdom.

    Once I get a chance I'll be out at homebush with my beautiful yellow addition on the back of my bike.

    I will also be able to finally answer the question of which glove I put on first.

    I'm in the shire, so anyone down here keen for a midweek ride just let me know.

    Once again thanks and see some of you soon.

  2. Congratulations Ausfox although particularly bad planning on the time away.
  3. Yep, bad timing but it's work.

    Only 4 days then back for a ride.

  4. welcome to NR Ausfox
  5. Well, I'm still bike less. Should've had it for a week on Friday.
    The minister of war and finance has stopped delivery of my first bike.
    Might be a helmet (never worn) up for sale soon.
    Thanks for the previous welcomes and congrats.
    I'll keep you posted if things change.
  6. oh dear

    Sorry to hear mate.

    Pity the withholding sex trick doesnt work as well for us blokes :(
  7. Mate I hope you get the leave of pass to buy the toy.. Anything to negotiate with?
  8. Pass granted. Pick up my bike tomorrow. Then as usual go to work.
    So limited time for a ride.
    Thanks again everyone.
  9. Good news Ausfox.

    The weekend is nigh....
  10. yep congrats on the bike, now take the missus to dinner, be romantic and build up the brownie points cause you might be riding a while lol
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  11. Yep. Been picking up the game to make up for my mistake and get back in the good books.
    The weekend is nigh but I'll be far away. Leave tomorrow night for Japan. Home on Monday.
    So even better, next week is nigh.
  12. Got it.
    Now to get some time to ride it.
    Off to work tonight.
    Thanks again everyone for all your info and seriousness.