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See you next spring squids!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, May 3, 2007.

  1. As soon as it got below 20 degrees and 10 degrees in the mornings here, all the posers on bikes have disappeared!
    Time to pack the riding thongs, stubbies and singlets away for next season! :rofl:

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. oops i missed the bulletin, and squidded down to the shops tonight :LOL:
  3. :LOL:
    You know the ones I am talking about!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Doesn't stop 'em here. I've seen riders in t-shirts on days when the maximum temp has been under 10 degrees.
  5. So, where's the prob, jd, they were THERMAL T-Shirts? :LOL:.
  6. Hasnt stopped me yet :grin:
  7. No way that I am squidding anywhere!!!! [-X

    Geeez, I wear my protective jacket, gloves, draggins, boots and helmet everywhere.............even now at the keyboard I am too scared to take off the gear.

    It gets a bit messy in the shower, but I just wear my wet weather gear.

    At the dinner table I am very careful to make sure I have a clear visor on and when I go to bed..................well they say ya gotta use protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smileysex: :bolt:
  8. Did I say people should wear protective gear? No. Read the post.
    I was observing that the blow hard posers had all disappeared now that it's cooled down.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Very good point - I saw maybe 10-20 bikes today in the downpour. Thise who road were well covered.
  10. Sounds a tad too smug to me.
  11. there's a bit more more parking the normal at uni now too... and i did see someone had left their bike there overnight when it was raining :LOL:
  12. I saw one today when it was pouring down rain and freezing cold. Mind you they almost hit two cars so it might be no brain no pain :LOL:
  13. Well this "blow hard poser" is still riding with minimal clothing!

    Get it right you 'squids', a squid is not someone that rides with minimal clothing, a squid is uncool, unfashionable or geek, It is a squid that uses the term to describe an unclothed rider.
  14. Where are you at typhoon?

    I was going to post the same thing. The number of riders on the road is decreasing drastically. I assumed that this was a seasonal thing that happens each year.

    Unfortunately I'm gunna be stuck out in whatever the weather dishes up. Only got the bike to get to work each day... the wife and kids get the car :( . Spose you can't have a 17 month old baby, 6 year old boy, 9 year old girl, 11 year old girl, 15 year old girl and wife all riding a bike though can you... unless we move to Tailand :wink:

    Oh well, hopefully my skills will get better as I ride through my first Winter :twisted:
  15. Cold? Rain? What? Where?

    My first 10 years of riding, i did then in Europe. It rains there 1/3 of the year. Here, we have constant drought, it is a riders' paradise!!! Comeon!!!!!!
  16. Or in some countrys where it snows over you get no bikes on the road.
  17. :grin:
    A squid is an irresponsible motorcyclist. The term is derogatory and common among motorcyclists in the United States and is generally associated with a new or reckless motorcyclist seen riding erratically and/or beyond his or her capabilities, often without appropriate riding gear.

    The origin of the word is varyingly attributed:

    * A contraction of:
    o "Squirrely" and "kid" (possibly taken from California surfing culture), or
    o "Squished" and "kid"
    * An acronym for:
    o "Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous", or
    o "Stupidly Quick, Underdressed and Imminently Dead"

    Note: both of these are likely to be backronyms

    * Derivative of U.S. military culture:
    o Newly-inducted sailors based in San Diego in the '60s would frequently buy an inexpensive two-stroke motorcyle for transportation while on shore, whether they'd ever ridden before or not. So, there were large numbers of unprotected, inexperienced "marine life" squirting through traffic in a hurry and leaving a trail of black "ink" (smoke) behind them.
    o "Squid" was also a common derogatory term for sailors:
    + Recent inductees were called "squids" by more senior sailors, and
    + All sailors were called "squids" by Marines
    * Based on similarity between the way a "squid" rides and an actual squid swims.
    o Squids can appear unable to change direction while swimming without first coming to a near complete stop. However, once the squid does stop and change directions, it can very quickly accelerate back to its regular swimming speed. Beginning motorcyclists commonly have trouble negotiating turns, and must slow down to unnecessarily slow speed, while at the same time have a tendency to ride very fast on the straight sections of the road.

    Often young, squids are identified by their reckless abandon (speeding, wheelies, stoppies etc.) and by their inappropriate attire (shorts, backwards ball caps, flip flops, wifebeater T-shirt, etc). Such a rider eschews all or most of the protective gear worn by many riders (helmet, gloves, leather jacket, riding pants, and boots) and the social and legal norms of riding behaviour, and as such is looked upon with derision by experienced motorcyclists, who also refer to them as "organ donors", "Zip-Splats", "a Stillie", "Skin Crayons", "Sausage Creatures"<1> and "soon-to-be-ex-motorcyclists".

    They could also be called "squids" because of ambulance drivers' slang for motorcyclists. In a bad accident without leathers or other good protection, it's possible for the torso to become detached from the legs. At that point, the intestines can drag along behind the torso - thus giving a grisly "tentacled body" appearance.
  18. Life is so serious, hey andrew??????? :LOL:
  19. Well its beautiful weather up here in Nth Qld. Couldn't be better for riding now that the rain has finally pissed off for a while. On the topic of squiding - lots of people do it up here, even me. Except for when i'm heading up the gilles range or something, then I don the leathers.
  20. It could be one or many of the definitions found here:


    Of course this is a more definitive source that Collins, Websters etc