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See you later indicators (rear)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ZX_Ninja, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    Not sure if this is in the right thread or if it should be under bling (mods, please move if I got it wrong).
    I got fed up with the ugly looking indicators on the rear of my bike so I decided to change the look. By the end of it, the specific end up as follows:

    Total cost: $149.00
    Total time: approx 2 hours
    Modifications required: Some soldering of wires and hack-sawing of brackets

    How did it turn out??? Look below and tell me what you think (please note, the pics of the light on didn't come out so I didn't include them. When indicating, half the brake light turns to orange instead of red, depending on the side I'm indicating).





    Side shot: Note, there used to be tabs on the side holding in the original indicators. As I didn't want to remove the eliminator, I hack sawed off the tabs, files them down till they were smooth/flush then applied a little bit of black paint to stop it from rusting.


    Next I want to remove the standard indicators off the front mirrors and replace them with LED stripes that are hidden :)

  2. in the words of Ms Hilton...

    thats HOT

    please give us night time shots!
  3. I appreciate what it does to the lines of the bike when it's just sitting there... but I have to say those combined tail/indicator units sh#t me to tears when I'm out on a group ride.

    You have to basically be right up the ar$e of the corner marking bike before you can really tell which side is flashing.

    Personally.. I wouldn't do it, because if i'm going to pull out into traffic, turn or change lanes at any point.. I want the drivers around me to know about it and see which way I intend to move. </rant>

    Good job with the actual execution though!
  4. +1 there is no doubt it looks the business but I hope those behind can make out which way you are indicating.

    Can we see some shots with the indicators flashing?
  5. The unit is fairly bright, I couldn't time the indicator but here is one shot of the normal running lights on: Note, the entire side you are indicating on will change colour, so half is red half is orange when indicating. I was a little concerned also regarding visibility, however my mate and I had a look from all angles and we were both satisfied with the result.

  6. I'll see if I can manage to capture some with the indicator on over the next couple of days and post them up.
  7. I tend to agree with The Russ about visibility but they sure do look good :) Just be aware they are "technically" illegal so its something you can be done for if you annoy the constabulary.

    For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two illuminating surfaces shall be at least 180 mm on the condition that the prescriptions of paragraph 2.11. are applied even when the registration plate is mounted;surfaces.

    Australian Design Rule 19/01 - Installation of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices on L-Group Vehicles) 2007
  8. Cops hate these mods
    You COULD supplement some LED strips down the rear fairing to satisfy the requirement, but I'm sure you'd still get strife for it.

    Looks ace though
  9. Looks very good.
  10. Woooops, forgot about the plate, image has been modified.
    Regarding the rule ... I didn't know the specifics but I did know it may not be considered legal so to speak.

    They do stand out a fair bit (especially at night), so in terms of safety, I'm happy with that :)
  11. I thought/assumed/had heard the ADR's required the indicators to be at least 300mm apart ( or something like that ) which is how the gumby tail 'just' gets away with it...

    If that's correct/true, then as trick as your mod might be it would be considered unroadworthy and probably like "waving a red flag at a bull (pig)"

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  12. Still a crapasaki regardless what u do to it :D
  13. LOL ... hows the new fender eliminator going? Has the new one got an R6 logo on it too ??? ](*,)
  14. The tail, stop and flash will be highly visible - possibly even brighter than the old stockies. The only problem is that at night, with signs, other lights and glare around, it's near impossible to tell which side is flashing until you get right up- close, that's all. ;)
  15. Would sir like a complimentary beige cardigan to go with his honda?


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  16. This is one scenario that I am yet to test, from what I've seen thus far I don't think it will be a problem, they do light up brightly and clearly. I'll let you guys know how I go over the weekend when I take the bike out if you are curious (i might even manage a few extra pictures)
  17. heres my new setup, looks beautiful, dosnt it

  18. I like it Goz ... where can I get this setup and how much ?
  19. I understood the distance-requirement to be 30cm too - have things changed?

    I just put the original indicators on the back of my SR after stuffing around with mini things for years. I just feel more assured with those two bright 70s moons back there, such that I'm happy to sacrifice looks.

    I was also motivated by a thought - does this apply to you as well? - that if I get rear ended while turning, that the insurance company could fight me over the legally not-conspicuous-enough indicators, should they be in the mood? At the very least, were I or my insurance company legally fighting the other driver, that other party might be able to use this fact to some effect.
  20. goz lol wtf is that pillion peg doing there. Or is it saying f u to the person behind you.