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See You All Again In 6mths Time.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. police_car_J9V19I.

    2wks ago I took the long way home as usual. Was at a set of lights minding my
    business waiting for the lights to turn green when a policeman walks up to the front
    of the bike & asks me to pull over so I roll the bike to the side of the road & dismount.
    (Knox City Traffic Management Unit). I turn around & theres an unmarked black car,
    black windows behind me with lights flashing on the dashboard.


    Usual license/rego check etc. They both get out & one of em tells me they were parked
    on the side of road & I zoomed past em a few mins back.

    He takes out the gun & shows me how its clocked me 60.5m (see photo) in front of
    their car doing 113km/h in a residential 50km/h residential street.

    One of them was actually a bike rider so we had a good chat. He told me that they could
    immediately impound my bike & issue summons for me to go to Court. I'd also just qualified
    to have my license taken away for 1 full year.

    Because of our chat & my attitude they decided to drop my speed to 99 then changed
    their mind again & made it 96km/h with my alleged speed @ 94km/h; which meant that
    I'd only lose my license for 6mths instead of 12.

    He said they'd write up their report in a way so they wouldnt get their "arses kicked
    for not impounding your bike" eg. no traffic, not outside a school zone etc etc.

    There wasent a single vehicle in the back streets I was on so I asked em where the hell
    were they. When they told me where & why I remembered seeing the car parked but I
    would never have known they were police, let alone that the car was occupied.

    One of them had a smoke with me & a bit of a laugh when I told em that its probably a
    good thing I dont have mirrors because if I did & saw them behind me there is no way
    known I'd wouldve stopped. We talked more about the bike, other ninjas (he has a ZX-7R)
    & bikes at the Spur while his partner hopped back in the car to write up the ticket.

    There was mention about me not displaying my reg label and not having a rear plate light,
    but nothing more was made of it. I simply told em I keep my label under the the pillion seat.
    I didnt say nothing about not having a tag light.

    They also had a bit of a laugh at my license because the expiry date is 31/12/9999. He said
    "VicRoads think you're going to live forever but I have other thoughts if you keep riding like
    that" :p

    When they asked why I was speeding I said "I know its not going to make any difference but
    the road was clear so I rode it how its supposed to be ridden."

    Told him unless the roads are wet not a day goes by when it dosen't get to at least 200km/h
    so it was always a matter of how long my luck was going to hold out for.

    When it was all over with I shook hands with both of em, told em it was a job well done &
    thanked em for giving me a break and I was off on my way again (lane splitting past em up
    to the lights of course). giggle.

    Shaking a cops hand is unheard of for me given the intense dislike I have for police but I must
    say those two cops changed all that to the extent that I even made the effort of typing up a
    letter of thanks to the Officer in Charge at Knox police for their conduct and professionalism
    shown by the two guys. The letter thanked them for a job well done.


    I'll do my time hard & walk the 3km to work or get missus to drive me in because I've already
    appeared before the courts for driving whilst suspended & dont want to get caught for that
    again otherwise its back to jail again.


    So MG's now going to spend more time at home with the clan. 223.

    This is the wake-up call I had to have & I said the same to the officers.


    I'll tell ya'll right now, I don't want no "Oh I'm sorry to hear what happened" sympathy posts,
    nor could I care less for the flames that the NR do-gooders will no doubt attempt to shoot my
    way. Don't expect a response from me because I wont give you the satisfaction. nono3_I36ZSL.

    My sole motivation for this post on this website is to let you know, esp the ones who ride
    fast alot of the time thats its not a matter of IF, but WHEN you get done over. And if youre as
    fortunate as me, you will come unstuck by getting caught by the police as apposed to coming
    unstuck & meeting God your Creator.

    If it makes a single person realise that if you ride like a d*ckhead, you will get caught sooner
    or later, than my post will have fulfilled its purpose.

    & I know you riders are out there because on the Anzac Day ride for Kittimix, a handful of us
    broke away from the rest & were doing 250km/h on an 80km/h stretch.

    Redeeming thing for me is that it's probably the best time of the year to lose a license if it's
    going to happen.

    I'll see all you Mexicans again in summer when I get my license back. bye7_XO47IN.

    Take care out there ya'll.
  2. Good stuff!!........i think?

    Nah seriously, i think every rider give his/hers bikes a blat from time to time. Sometimes its just not your day. I find with cops that if you treat them with respect, theyll do exactly the same to you. Coulda been alot worse!

    Ive had dealings with officers from the Knox dept before and they were all quite good. There was one chick from there that came into work one day in regards to a break in that we had and FAAARK she was hot!!!

    Have fun walkin dude! :p
  3. Empty road, where's the harm?

    I have been known to speed just a wee bit from time to time. :wink:

    Good on them for dropping the speed down (I've had that before to save my licence) and good on you for taking it on the chin.

    Do the crime, do the time.
  4. Well said MG
    You have a good attitude may the walking time just fly past. :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Ah well, you've probably made up 6 months worth of time zooming about the place in the past :p.
  6. MG, they should have let you go. Stop you , have a chat and then go and chase some real crime...

    Soooo, are you going to get a 50cc scooter now? :LOL: :LOL:
    Can you ask the judge to give you permission to ride something that goes only 50km/h? :moped:
  7. oh well, totally agree though if you speed you're going to get caught soon or later..... one question if you are still reading this MG what sort of car was it (apart from a black one with black tinted windows) did you happen to catch the plates?

    cheers stewy :)
  8. Fixed :p

    Good work, don't let it get you down :D
  9. Thanks for an excellent story, well told, Mick.
  10. As you said.. shit happens.

    You were going too fast, as we all have done and got busted.

    What I am happy to hear is that you won't ride/drive whilst suspended. So I hope the time goes fast for you.
  11. only 6 months, no resentment or anger, some extra time with the fam, a fitness program thrown in for free and back on the roads for summer - all sounds good to me :p thanks for the story kish. enjoy your downtime. xx
  12. I looked up the street involved in the Melways and considering it's right smack in the middle of suburbia with the associated dogs, cats and roundabouts wandering around at night I'll comment no further except to say I'm impressed with MG's attitude.
  13. Sorry to hear about the suspension of the licence and sorry to hear about the speed you were doing 110kmish in a 50km residential zone at 5:50pm :eek: Hope you take the positives from this and enjoy more time with the family, extra fitness program and learn not to do 60km/h+ at 5:50PM in a residential zone. There is always that chance doing that speed can hurt someone, especially a child (around the ages of your kids?). But as you said, you won't respond but I do hope you learn where to do "spirited riding" in areas a little bit open more than "closed" places like a residential street mate. :)

    Also good to see the cops were nicer than they could have been and stuff. Try to enjoy the time off the bike.. I know I'd hate to be bike-less but shit happens eh? Maybe loan your bike to kink and get him to live near you so you have a bike chauffeur for that time off? :p
  14. I did a year license-free at one stage, got myself a pushie and it turned out to be a very positive experience, I had a ball. There's always some bugger to give you a lift.

    Hope it works out as well for you Kish.
  15. Thanks for sharing Kish :)

    Nice to hear the good cop stories, they are out there :cool:
  16. Mr Gonads, with that bike and you're passion for speed it was always going to be how much over and when not if. We don't buy sports bikes or WRX's to transport ourselves under the speed limit from A to B. We buy these because they go like the clappers and speed is FUN. So no naughty boy from me, now if you were doing that speed through school traffic, then you would have been a tool.

    So sucked in mate it had to happen at least the copper was friendly!

    jeez what are you're mates gunna say when they hear you woz nice to the filth! :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. MG, glad to hear the cops were fair & you are having such a good attitude about this.

    and very glad to hear you're going to stick to the 'no driving' whilst suspended.

    Hope this experience becomes a positive one for you.
  18. +1 to everyone else.
    Well, time to pick out the lycra shorts and fluro helmet. At least 3ks to work isn't that bad, only 15 minutes by bike.
  19. very lucky for the TMU to lower the alleged speed they are usually very tight and im surprised they didnt book you for no mirrors
  20. And he is bloody lucky they didn't impound the bike under the "hoon" laws.