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See ya suckers!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. A bunch of us are heading down to Tassie this evening after Southbank coffee for a week and a bit of paradise roads, good company and bad body odours.

    See you guys later on, wish us luck with the reportedly dodgy Tassie weather and here's hoping we all make it back in one piece!


  2. have fun :D best wishes to all, and heres to it clearing up a little!!
  3. Give that Hornet heaps, Loz, and we'll try and keep up the lame jokes so no-one will notice you're gone (J/K) :D
  4. Whaddya mean just kidding? Wild horses couldn't stop the lame jokes around here...

    Ooh, I'd better start a poll on who's gonna stack first...
  5. Have lots of fun you guys.

    :D :D
  6. keep safe mate... :D

    how many going.....??make sure you take lots of photos.... :wink:

  7. Your booking was cancelled after they discovered you can walk on water
    :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p

    Oh yeah...15 going :D
  8. Good luck with the trip Loz. Hope it's not spoiled by any crazy assed psychos with flattened nose, ugly scars and a goatee coming out under his helmet :LOL: :LOL: *then quickly looks over his shoulder to make sure Iffracem's not lookin* hehe

    Enjoy the arse end of the world! :LOL:
  9. You lucky, lucky bastards....

    Hey, is that Tasmanian Motorcycle Week thing on this year? If so, there doesn't seem to be much publicity about it.
  10. Don't forget your map :p

    Have a safe trip guys.

  11. Actually there's plenty to study down there... Relatively speaking...
  12. Have you got your passport?
    Had your shots?

  13. loads another rock with "d3s1b0y"'s name on it ... adds another coupla kg onto the counterweight.
    ARSE END!!!! HA! sucker, you've never ridden down here eh!

    Give us a hoi! when your down south of the southern state guys.

  14. PMSL... Ooopss.. sorry Iffracem... Just had to get one in while i'm still on this end of the monitor and not facing you! :LOL: :LOL:

    Matter of fact, been to Tassie twice cuz of work and I must admit the scenery is breathtaking and the prawns are to die for!

    have fun all you lucky bastids! :x
  15. Matt. 7:1 odds I reckon.
  16. There's a road between Devonport and Ulverstone that takes you up to Cradle Mountain. It's more of a local's route as it's accessed via the old road to connect the two towns and not via the highway. It is without doubt one of the most fun roads in the whole area and then you get the fun of being up Cradle Mountain for a hot bowl of soup and a look around. Just fantastic. I'm heading over at Christmas to see Mum and I plan on taking Mel on that very road, at least twice!

    You guys aren't lucky, you're smart. Tassie is the dog's bollocks for riding around.
  17. If you've ever considered touring taqssie but never did yet.... Forget about it. It'll ruin your ebjoyment of the roads in your home state. There's not a 500 metre bit of tar we've seen yet that didn't have an insane view or great corner on it... And the one bobby we've seen so far gave us a wave and not a hairdryer.

    Highlights so far:

    - Every road we've been on has been a god damn corker. Some have been beyond anything I could have imagined, travelling over ridges, through forests and up the sides of mountains, along the coast... One minute you feel like you're twisting through a Mexican desert, the next you're beside a waterfall, there were a couple of banked lefty corners today that you'd swear were straight out of Daytona... It's off the richter, you'd yawn your way through reefton after these. Everything from tight and twisty to some of the fastest sweeping ridges I've seen... And there's been a few times when I've rounded a ridge to get a view of the next 40k of road snaking around the cliffsides in front of us. Breathtaking.

    Now that that's out of the way, some non-road highlights:

    - Two gear levers have fallen off... Marty's, and then mine (probably because I gave him so much stick about how badly Suzukis are put together.) Mine fell off at some insane speed and dragged along the ground until I pulled up... Then, as I was wondering how the hell I was going to get back to town, the first car that pulled up was a Caterpillar equipment service guy who rides a ZX9 himself... Pulled out a shedload of tools and fabriacted a new sheath and bolt for me... Loctited and good as new! Could I have been any luckier?

    - Mouth cornermarking and pointing me off in the wrong bloody direction... Me zapping off down some gently winding highway at warp speed, all alone... Then Mouth realising a few minutes later he'd pointed me in the wrong direction, and having to catch up to me... When you see a bike comnig up behind you at the sort of speed that makes your neck sore, the only thing you think is COPS! so it was a relief when it was only Jason... He must have been laying down some very serious throttle!

    - Yesterday was beautifully sunny all day but today and Saturday were pretty drizzly and wet. Hoping for more sunshine, I'm almost crying not being able to give some of these roads the throttle they deserve.

    - Caning quadbikes around the vast wide dunes near Strachan (and all getting told off for fishtailing, two-wheeling etc)

    - Andy (Slej) getting rounded up by a bloke on a yamaha quadbike as we burned up towards Tullah... Then learning he was dicing with the state champion rider, who went on to put on a wheelie and sideways cornering show as he led us through some of the dirt tracks towards the highway. Why the hell didn't I take up his offer of a backseat ride? D'OH!

    - Plenty of boozing, razzing and campsite bullshitting... of COURSE!

    - Watching Matty drop the hammer on the Fireblade on the other-worldly sweepers leading into Zeehan, and fly past me as if I was doing thirty... Which I definately wasn't...!

    - Nev's bulk wheelies on his patched-up ZX-12...

    It goes on and on.

    Too much more to remember. I'll post again when we roll past another net cafe.

    :) :) :) :) :)
  18. Cheers for the update Loz, sounds like you guys are having fun over there :)
  19. Good luck and have fun,havent done it on bike yet but current time from hobart to strewhn 2 hours an 45 minutes xr8 territory,oh becarefull of the chienese tourists spinning out of control in there mercedes,
  20. Now you know why, after moving to Tas, I decided to get back into bikes :D

    And how important it was to get angry at the wanker gum'nt and actually do something about their stoopid road revenue (er I mean "Safety") ideas.
    And also why I wanna get a bigger bike!!!
    Tis riding heaven, not yet overpopulated, people are still (mostly) pleasant, and the majority of cops are decent people.


    Now if we could just get the gum'nt to spend some cash on decent roads surfaces.......

    Glad you're enjoying it guys, Loz, I PM'd you my mobile, give us a buz when you're in Hobart, we'll do the drinking thing.. :wink: