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See what we're up against!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Was trawling through the NSW RTA propaganda site and decided to have a look at some of the material provided to learners. One thing in particular amazed me - the hazard perception test.

    Select the "scanning for hazards" test on this page. If you run it for a while, all of a sudden a hazard appears that is a motorcycle coming at you quickly from behind and the overtaking down the emergency lane!

    It is a good insight into how the RTA perceives motorcyclists - a hazard!
  2. Thats the gayest test I have ever done...
  3. hey this is fantasic!!

    aside from the little stero typing of what a motorcycliest could do its asking people to use their bloddy mirrors. then again, shoudnt they teach this during learning to drive! ?

    hey least we wont have to kick them off when they dont see us.
  4. And it's not Mac friendly, either.

    Just stupid, then.
  5. Sheesh, getting a bit thin skinned, aren't we? This test also shows a pedestrian, a cop car and a number of other vehicles - should representatives of all those groups get up in arms as well?
  6. Exactly, isn't a hazard defined as something that may cause you to take action or act evesively to avoid danger. That's pretty much everything on the road!
  7. You're not missing out on anything, very dodgy. Hazard perception test pfffft, what a load of poo.
  8. No. What is the cop car doing? It has it's lights on and is overtaking properly. What is the dog doing? Running across the road - normal. What is the pedestrian doing? Crossing the road. Again normal and not necessarily illegal depending on the circumstance(ie. pedestrian crossing).

    What is the bike doing - overtaking to the left down an emergency lane!
  9. meh. we get worse :p
  10. Tell me about it. Actually, no don't.
  11. pedestrian crossing = legal
    police car rushing with siren on = legal
    does it mean motorcycle riding on emergency lane is getting legal now??
  12. well

    I didnt bother doing this test... but at least it makes drivers aware of motorcycles on the road. Does the Vic roads (or other states) test for cars have anything to do with motorcycle or bicycle awareness?

    I agree its stupid that its labelling motorbikes as a hazard... but then again, I guess many cars are a hazard to us motocyclists too. :facepalm:
  13. It was Mouth and he's dodgy lane splitting manouvers, did you give him a honk of the horn and the "bird"?? :rofl: