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See...exercise IS bad for you!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Marie, Sep 14, 2010.

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    But oh so funny!


  2. Why it is funny!

    But why isnt it in Multimedia?
  3. See forum descriptions.
  4. OMG that's freaking hilarious!!!!!!! ROFL :rofl:
  5. Q1. Because it is!
    Q2. Multimedia definition "Bike related photographs, video's, and graphics. Share you favourite riding pics"

  6. ....Anything physical is soooo dangerous!!!!....:p. And should be avoided at all cost...
    .... Except of course.....:bannanabutt:
  7. lol...but of course Tweetster!

    I'm allergic to exercise - highly allergic! Break out in a sweat...it's VERY scary!
  8. ...well sweating is a sign that your body is in serious distress...(IMHO) 8-[
    My recommendation for that condition is a sit down an a nice glass of vino..:beer:

    ...one must keep the body hydrated appropriately!!

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  10. ..OMG!!... Vera is scary!!.... 8-[
  11. omg, just look up Vera DeMillo (Jim Carey) and you see all his old stuff as this weird steroid chick lol freaking hilarious!