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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. What devices do people use to protect their bikes?

    At home I have a locked garage, so I'm mostly worried about it parked when out and about.

    The bike itself has a 'lock' key position which prevents it from being steered.

    I also went out and bought a disc lock today. When would people use a big chain/cable, versus a disc lock?

    One thing I hadn't thought of was people sitting on the bike. Therefore I assume a loud and unpleasant alarm would deter people from doing so?

    How do you fit such an alarm to a bike and how would you operate it? With a remote like a car?
  2. Probably too late, but plenty of people use the alarmed disk lock - they work well as a sensor alarm plus you shouldn't drive off without taking it off.

    Try Jaycar for a sensor alarm about $65. Had one but didn't install the immobilser, but the sensor worked OK

    Chain and cable - well you got to carry it somewhere on the bike
  3. your in adelaide, a mate of mine works at sprints and got a STEELE MATE bike alarm for a good price.

    im getting one on my biek wednesday. can let ya have a look if u want.

    and put u in touch with him later if needed
  4. One of the Xena alarmed disc locks are great. They give me peace of mind when I'm out and about. At home the kids (still too young to really know better) see the alarm and won't play next to the bike.

    Otherwise the bike is stored out of site in the garage, oh and my german shep seems to be pretty effective at stopping people from snooping around when the bikes at home. She's a smart dog but she just doesn't get this concept of being a pillion right so I've got to rely on the alarm when out and about.

  5. i have a heavy chain and lock for at home.

    plus the Xena disk lock with alarm etc already, but i like the peace of mind of having a onbaord alarm aswell...

    can never be too secure!@
  6. I have had two Xena alarms, both of which seem to have a bit of a mind of their own, going off randomly. Haven't bothered with it for a while.

    My current plan/idea is a simple pressure switch under the seat. Relayed with the key, so active when the ignition is off or when locked prefferably.

    Some idiot decides to sit on the bike, 136dB of horn goes off at them :grin: . I guess the risk is they panic and knock it over though. :(

    Other than that, park it somewhere well lit and busy.
  7. I've gotta admit the Xenas are REALLY sensitive, emotional almost :p , but I've just messed around with different positions and that seems to change the sensitivity.
  8. I heard a XENA alarm tonight :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Seriously, alarm????? hahahahahhahahahaha, sounded like a flock of angry sparrows :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. What sets of the Xena disc lock alarms? Bumping them?

    What sort of alarm will go of if someone tries to sit on the bike? Does anyone use an immobiliser?
  10. Hi DelusionaL, I have been thinking about an alarm for a while, would you be so kind as to P.M. me the details and $$$, I would love to suss yours out if that would be ok??
  11. Any movement sets the Xena off, they are pretty sensitive.

    Yeah alright Vic they're not going to bust an eardrum but they;lle scare someone who is sitting on the bike or an amateur crook. :p I think they do a fairly good job given that they have three watch size batteries.

    I learn't a great lesson years ago that the volume of an alarm has very little to do with how effective it is as a deterent. My car alarm went off when drving, I pulled over on the side of the road in Hawthorn in the middle of the day. Just got out of the car, popped the bonnet and started stuffing rags into the siren to shut it up. Calmly closed the bonnet and drove off. About 50 people walked past me and didn't say a word, no one called the police :( I was really disapointed with how ineffective the thing was and it was much louder than a Xena.

    My piont is that you don't need 150 dB to encourage someone to stop sitting on the bike or scare off a mug crook. And I doubt that 150 dB is going to stop a pro.
  12. Hmm, if they sound that wimpy then I don't feel so bad about getting a standard vanilla flavour disc lock (Magnum DL4).

    Will definately get some sort of lock and chain. I heard most motorcycle theft is carried out by people loading the bike into a van.
  13. How is a disc lock going to prevent theft?
  14. I have the same disc lock. On another forum I read about a guy who couldn't get his off (problem 1), so he hacksawed it off (problem 2). It took him less than an hour. I created a thread in the riding gear section about this. I'm just wondering if this is the case with most disc locks.
  15. You can say the same thing about a heavy chain. Even faster is to just lift the bike up on the to the back of a ute.

    I think the best you can do is to try and slow the bastards down and make it difficult for them and be well insured. :cry:
  16. A $100 chain to a metal lamp post isn't going to prevent theft to the more hardcore crook. The aim of the game is deterrence. If you can't chain it up, a disc lock is better than nothing, and an alarmed disc lock is even better. Whilst picking up a bike and putting it on a ute might only look vaguely suss, picking up a bike that's alarm is going off and putting it on a ute would attract more attention. With a 250 (esp unwashed and ugly), people won't put too much effort into stealing it, so a disc lock is often enough. But if it looks seksy like mine, watch out! :cool:
  17. They'd have to cut the chain with bolt cutters, which would look questionable. What about immobilisers?

    I'm paranoid about my 250 getting stolen...

    What do the folks who own $30k+ Ducatis and MV Agustas do (aside from getting good insurance!)?
  18. Amen to that! :)

    You put on things that are going to deter a thief, if they want it bad, they will get it.

    When i get my bike - i will probably buy the jarcar alarm, and a disklock.

    If im living at home im going to get a metal bar in a u shape (from a scrap metal dealer) and put it in the ground under a concrete slab. Its a little bit more advanced than mentioned but im just trying to explain it for others. Then get a lock and chain can secure the bike to the bar.

    I'm also getting comprehensive insurance.. yeah its expensive *sigh* but so is the cost to replace the bike :p

    The easiest way is to google "locking your motorcycle" and there are heaps of tips.
  19. Bolt cutters would get through small chains, pneumatic bolt cutters for big chains. Its risk minimalisation - not many thieves have the "jaws of life" lol If your using a chain you need a good lock too. Read the net for tips such as putting the lock up high.

    This seems the best site i could find


    Ride your bike into your bedroom and park it next to the bed. :wink:
  20. simple. being the "enthusiast" that they are they just leave it locked up in the garage and take out insurance with shannons. :LOL: