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Security - who knows about these products

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blackbird06, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Looking at buying a security device for when I travel overnights. This won't be regularly for a few years yet due to a young family so I am not looking at spending too much just yet. Thinking of a Xena XR1 Alarm disc lock or Kryptonite EV Disc Locks. Anyone know of either or has a reccomendation ie are master lock cables better? :?: :?: :?:

  2. Hi there, good on you for introducing yourself before demanding info :p

    Xena is pretty good, they come with motion detectors so that if someone bumps the bike or tries to move it the alarm will go off... also serves as a reminder for when you forget about it and try to ride off with it on :LOL:
  3. My position is that nothing beats comp insurance..

    Any type of disk lock will do the trick too. And it is not about the quality of the lock, but about how fluorescent reflective and bright is the disk lock reminder, so everyone else to see and think twice.. However, if they do think twice, there is no product that will protect your ride..

    and welcome to netrider!!
  4. +1 phizog, Supernero.
    Insurance is a MUST IMHO
  5. Thanks

    Thanks for your advice guys.
    Unfortunately, as you say, if someone wants it bad enough they will find a way :mad:
    We only really scare or deter the "honest" thieves :!:
  6. XENA alarm locks, great quality, battery needs replacement every 8 months or so.
  7. I have both a Xena disc lock and the EV Disc lock. Personally I think Xena locks are ok, but don't rely on it to do much more than a normal disk lock. The alarm is reasonably loud, but as soon as you cover the speaker, is barely audible. Don't expect it to be a cheap alternative to a proper alarm.

    The Kryptonite disc lock is also very good - much sturdier than the Xena lock. Simple, reliable and doesn't need batteries.

    In my opinion - I'm not convinced the Xena locks are really worth the money. The batteries in mine have gone flat, and I haven't bothered to get new ones, because I just use the EV lock.
  8. Kryptonite is first class
  9. The Xena scared the sh!t outta me when I'd forgotten that it was on my bike......
  10. oh yeah, and don't buy one of the locks with a barrel lock with a circular key. Not sure if kryponite still sells these, or if they still do the lock exchange.
  11. My alarmed xena went flat and I forgot it was on the bike. The lock hit the forks and broke in two.

    Not worth the money IMHO.