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Security-types for pro bono gig?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fixed, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Heya

    Friend of mine is hosting a warehous party in Fitzroy mid-march; 3 bands, dj's, no cover charge because it's a party and not an event. Last party was a big success and got a good crowd, youngish - heavy music.

    He's hoping that a couple of people with security licences, or who are ok with that kind of thing, can come along - simply as a "just in case". I'm sure we can shout you some drinks, and it'll be a decent party if you're into bands like :

    The Sinking Citizenship (dark melodic rock)
    Rotten Chop (A.D.D. speedmetal)
    Resistica (avant-blackmetal)

    plus DJs
    Pete Kung
    & Phlexmartian


    It's not critical, but I'd thought I'd ask here in case any folks wanted an excuse to go to a party :LOL:

  2. err if your working crowd control i dont think you want to be getting drinks stuck into you, maybe cause more drama than stoping it.
    also if its not paid or authorised work from the licencee of the venue then with what authority has anyone got to do any crowd control or security work, wouldnt matter if you had a security licence or a recreational fishermans licence in this case.
  3. You dont have to be paid persay, but if you are there on an 'official' request from any of the organisers or even just one band member, and you display your Id tag eg: "security No 10" and have your duties and responsibilitys laid out for you , verbal or on paper. that is enough to satisfiy the aurthoritys etc.

    BUT drinking while doing such is a huge NO NO
    it leaves both you and the organisers in a big legal mess if something goes wrong ( yes i have been breathalised after more than one nasty incedent where the polise have attended ) .Every venue i have worked puts on staff drinks AFTER the last patron has left your 'duty of care'
    in some places that is the front door, others it can be the taxi rank out the front etc etc .
    any licenced 'security/crowd control' person knows this and also knows the legal ins and outs when doing this kind of work . ( better than 90% of the police in most cases ) :)
  4. I assumed afterwards was implicit with the drinks thing.

    It all depends if anyone is interested. If there are a couple of people who want to come along I'm sure we can work something out which is amicable to all.
  5. You dont need licenced people to perform security duties if you are the direct employee of the organiser.

    If the organiser employed the services of security personell through a security Co. then it gets more complicated.
  6. The way i know it is that unless the licensee or his authorised representative such as the venue manager asks you or the company you work for to provide said services you are going to be in the shit if bodies start hitting the floor and your only there on the promoters say so or his mates say so, the venue manager or licensee will take a step back if something happens and deny any consent/knowledge/authority of you being on his premises for purpose of performing these duties. i.e. your on your own legally and medically for anything that may happen to others or yourself.
  7. It's not a venue - he lives in the warehouse, the party is being held at his residence so there's no management as such.

    This isn't a big deal, I figured folks might want to watch the bands and be willing to do so sober.