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Security devices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by swiss, May 23, 2007.

  1. As there seem to be more reports of bikes getting stolen, i was wondering what security devices everyone has on their bikes to combate this epidemic. Or are there any other measures you take to protect your bike (besides leaving it locked up in your garage, never to be seen by prying eyes)

    I just bought a disk lock with motion sensetive alarm today. Also have a thick chain to chain it up to a post (now i just hope i can find parking next to something i can chain it to). But i don't have any other systems installed on the bike, like an imobiliser etc.
  2. This topic has been covered a lot in recent months on these forums...

    Park it within eyesight
    Park it near more expensive bikes
    Disc lock/alarm
    Rabid monkey
  3. Sentury guns
  4. When I'm parked at the office I can see my bike if I look out the window. I was thinking I should get a silent alarm with a pager and a sniper rifle... but then that'd cost more than my bike did.
  5. Hang on, I'll just email to the world my address and security arrangements.

    I'll even include a photo of the bike so you can steal to order.

    Have a think how many people can find out what you have and where you live.
    A bit frightening really.

    The reality is that if they want it, they can take it.
    Even ignition locks can be foiled easily in a shed, with the new style of remote starter alarms. Wire one in, and off you go.

    Heavy chain, cut it at home.

    Insurance is the answer, and just buy a new one.
  6. Turnip....it depends on the alarm system and the type of bike :grin: but a good snipers rifle will cost around $600 to $1000 with scope (the ones the SASR used to use before the new ones came in) from a arms and collectors fair, the pagers not much....and the alarm system would be arround $500 to $800.

    So for $3000 you would have a good setup to deter theives....but I don't know how you would go with saying it was in self defense at the coroners enquiry :LOL: .
  7. Hmm wonde rif it will run off a motorcycle battery LOL!
  8. sounds like you have the same as mine a disc lock with motion alarm plus like you i carry a chain
    plus its insured lets face it if some low life wants it then they will take it
  9. +1 i guess it depends on how prepared the thief is...... if they fail once they might come back better prepared next time :p
    i've heard of a few bike being stolen around the unisa/adelaide uni late at night if u leave it out late in dark n secluded placess :|

    Insurance is good , peace of mind (so we all hope :p) in the event that anything happens ... provided u rn't doing anything illegal :LOL: but i found it hard to find any insurance company that's willing to insure gear + helmet ( max value of gear covered = $100-$400).... without a ridiculous premium or excess
    u really gotta shop around for insurance... i called up at least... hmmmm 6-7?? premiums from $480-$1300, excess anywhere from $50 to $1000 with minor variations in the coverage + valuation etc

    just wondering, what kinda disk lock did u guys get + price
  10. No matter what you do, if a bike can be lifted it can be stolen.
    Alarm or no alarm. disc lock, no disc lock. etc. etc.

    And EVERY lock is pickable given the right set of tools.

    I *wish* insurance was an answer, but if your bike gets stolen you have to pay an excess... so in truth it's not that great as you're still left hurting.
  11. i was able to get insurance with QBE premiums are a little higher as i am a new rider so thats to be expected but they covered riding gear for $1000 up
  12. I think you're looking at it from the wrong angle. You may not be able to protect your bike from being stolen, but you can make the theif not want to steal it. This is why scooter, harley and hyosung* owners never need to lock their bikes.

    *Yes, a joke.
  13. port80 stated
    hey hey i agree who would pinch a scooter or harley but hyosung that would be sacraficial :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: