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"Security breach" at the Parliament in Canberra, t

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Supernego, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. There was a "security incident" today at our Federal Parliament in Canberra. An unknown to ASIO Scottish "troublemaker/terrorist" with the code name “Haggisâ€, infiltrated the security and placed a remote activating audio device inside the grounds of the Parliament, behind a pillar 5 metres high in the Great Hall. The device started playing tunes from AC/DC, but fortunately, it was discovered by the security guards and it was swiftly deactivated.
    Here is the vision from the security cameras.

    in other words, Haggis dropped his phone from a balcony at the great hall of the parliament and security was called to fish it out.
  2. dont u love how they associate terrorist and trouble maker.
    Also that hall is public access
  3. Couldn't you see the terror in the eyes of the general public in there?

    Though if I were going to get blown up, I could think of worse sound tracks to go to.
  4. :rofl:

    haggis testing out the AFP Step Ladder Response Team !

    well done !!
    hahaha !
  5. Hmmmm, a red CBR 600 with gravel reash was seen leaving the area on CCTV.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. confounded Hornet riders :evil: :LOL:.
  7. Honestly officer, it wasn't me. Please don't rendition me to Chile.
  8. Some nefarious dudes and dudette hanging around the Deep Space Complex at Tidbinbilla
  9. G'day everyone,.....

    Security scare my freckle....

    If any place needed shall we say motivation,.its that dump!

    But as usual it would just be the typical over reaction,...stupid pollys,....

    Dr Who.
  10. What a clown. No thanks for sharing.
  11. Well, the beard does look sus.... :LOL:
  12. Needless to say who set off the security alarms at the entrance and was subsequently detained...until an offending shoe was detected :roll:
  13. I told them that the bells were ringing for my kevlar jeans and as i was about to take them off, right there at the front entrance, he stopped me and said :"that must be the steel cap boots, sir". So i lost my chance in doing a bit of parliament streaking!!!
  14. Yet I got through no worries with the military boots on! :LOL: