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Securing your pillion helmet on your bike when your riding.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GreenNinja, May 18, 2007.

  1. Hi people,

    When i drop or before i pick someone up to pillion, i gotta carry my helmet somewhere.

    Either on my bike chained to the pillion foots pegs. I found that to be bad because it gets in the way and you can't lean as much.

    Or in a bag that i wear, that later my pillion wears....... but i found this a bit uncormfortable and bulky.

    But a perfect spot I think is the pillion seat. Securing will be a problem but...... any suggestions on how i could secure or are there products out there?
  2. Occy straps.
  3. I do the strap up tight on the grab bar - tight enough not to obscure the blinkers and tail light.. just make sure it doesn't touch the exhausts.. otherwise there may be a helmet hook.. :grin: the top of the helmet should be facing forwards as it can act as a parachute if it's around the other way..
  4. how bout a cargo net? about $10 from most bike shops
    more secure than occy straps.
  5. Just go a get a Ventura rack and bag setup :roll:
  6. +1 to cargo net

  7. I think buying some cargo nets and sewing some ends of occy straps (at a suitable lenght) to the corners of the cargo net.

    and then attach the occy straps to bike.
  8. Aren't you still on your Ps? :p

    Um I've ridden with my helmet on the helmet hook (it was a sidestreet and I was moving it 50 metres), it was surprisingly solid, didn't move around at all.
  9. A helmet fits into my ventura bag but not much else can go it. Next time your friend visits you, give that helmet to that person so that you do not have to worry about transporting helmets.
  10. ummm.... yes :?

    i never seen how a helmet hook works..... can some one get somes pics of it attached on their pillion seat? pretty please :)
  11. Re: Securing your pillion helmet on your bike when your ridi

    Dont worry, when you come off and break your back you wont feel it.

    Seriously dude, carrying stuff like this in a bag on your back is just stupid. Even if you just dropped your bike at the lights, the amount of damage that helmet in your bag could do to your back is horrendous.

    Carry as little as possible in your backpack!

    Use the helmet hooks under your pillion seat. Otherwise, ocky straps.
  12. $24.95 from bikebiz.com.au

  13. I was going to suggest using Andy Straps instead of okky straps, as I like my eyeballs to stay in my skull, and not hang from the end of an elasticised metal hook.

    But that photo of the bag carrier looks great. I will pick one up myself.
  14. visor up... arm through. don't brake too hard. hehehehe
  15. Haha, done that before!

    This guy here makes all his own stuff. Seems like a pretty good idea to me. Scroll down the page and he has a 'helmet carry'.


  16. can you install a top box??
  17. #18 guiri, Mar 20, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
    I personally do a cargo net myself but be careful not to scratch the bike up with the hooks. I did that on my bike and I hated it. For when you're NOT riding though, here's an option on what to do with your helmet.

  18. That won't work while you are riding though.
  19. Absolutely not, which is why I said for when you're not riding. Nope, that's just meant for when you stop.

    Topbox or cargo net would be my other choices. Also, a cargo net (they have different sizes) shouldn't be too big or the helmet might slide too far to the side.