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Securing your Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chief, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. I am new to bike riding and so far when I go somewhere the bike never gets too far from my sight. What do you do to make sure your bike will be there when you get back? What's practical enough to use each time you park? I know if someone REALLY wants your bike they will get it but that's what insurance is for.

  2. Probably some form of wire leash that can go around a light pole and attach to your bike.
  3. I'm lucky in that my baby is always parked just outside the window at work. I can keep a fairly close eye on her all day.

    Otherwise, a Disk Lock is good. Just don't forget to take it off when you go to leave.
  4. my CB250, when I'm at work I park it in a car park. while it is insured for more than I paid for it, I really don't want to lose it & feel a car park is safer than the street. At home it's chained to a pillar on the car port. otherwise, if i have to park on the street, I just always remember to turn on the steering lock.

    The hornet is another matter - when I start riding it, I will be buying a disk lock.
  5. securing your bike... will its a pet love of mine living near a bogan pub with no garage. In essence its all about making your bike look harder to steal than the nice new shiney one next to you.

    Well Step 1 fit a jaycar alarm or any alarm... dead easy nice an loud and chirps at people like a neurotic finch if they get too close. $70 I wish I had fitted this sooner, once fitted give it a good long blast so everyone knows its alarmed now.

    Step 2 Get one of these and weave it in and around your front wheel so it wont turn:

    Step 3: Disk lock for the rear disk... you have steering lock and chain on the front well the rear is where it should go... plus it will be a b!tch for anyone to get at...

    Step 4: if you have something to chain to, GF car, tree even a fence post do it... Get some Hi stensile chain from bunnings and or chain supply co its called drag link chain. 20mm square link is good because it fits in 25mm clear tube easily. Use the tube on the length of chain around the swingarm or rear wheel, lock in or near the swingarm or rear wheel. Oh and when chaining twist the chain to take the slack out of it so it doesnt rest on the ground.

    step 4 is over kill but if you could only affor one step I'd do it...
  6. There is a good article in the August issue of SuperBike Magazine which talks about bike security. I read the article last night. They pretty much bag disc locks, they recon they are easy to defeat, also if it's an organised set up they can easily rock up with a van and 3 or 4 blokes to pick it up and take it. Chaining to a pole is a good idea, problem there can be that a chain that is good/strong enough is usually abit too bulky to carry around. Your best best bet is a good alarm that will go off if someone moves the bike, and make sure you park your bike somewhere where alot of people walk past and is well lit, another good thing to do if you have a nice bike it to throw a cover on it so it wont catch someones eye, if they dont know it's a top bike they will probably leave it alone, once again, probably a pain to carry a cover around all the time, but good for home.
  7. Bike cover: it will make a bike more tempting.
  8. bike alarms are $70 fitted?

    the R6 has a imobiliser and only my key will start it. but if they want it thay can pick it up onto the back f a ute, just not start it untill they remove the imobiliser.

    but i wouldnt mind getting an alarm. actually i would love to get one.
  9. Immobilizer alarm with GPS tracking.
  10. Do NOT chain it to your girlfriend's car.

    ... unless you want a new bike next emergency trip to a limited time only shoe sale.
  11. One of the NR's was mentioning before (can't remember when) about an alarm that calls your mobile when somebody gets too close. That would be an idea to consider.
  12. :LOL: yeah, had though of this but it was before I fitted my alarm... her alarm is hypersensative, a real bird lands on the hood and bombing beruit begins... plus she knows how to handel chains. :wink:
  13. And there was me thinking Tassie was 'safer'... maybe its just up the north of the state. Have not had any security incidents since being in Oz, and always used the disk lock and have immobilisers on the bikes... but do remember - as prob does Cejay - teenagers turning up to pinch our first bike (Suz GS500) in the uk, with helmets and trying to pick the steering lock :(
  14. Hi Jo! dunno about Lonnie but it really depends on where you are leaving bikes/vehicles I reckon. My car was stolen, joy ridden and found completely torched two weekends ago - whilst I live in a rough area (car was stolen from home) I have upgraded security at home. Think I will invest in a bike chain for starters.
  15. Prob shouldnt admit it here... but it wasnt me (for a change)... but Ian 'fessed up to leaving my RR key in the bank and only realising an hour or so later :mad: with me it used to b the key in the back of the f4i in Latrobe St :oops: so i did understand... kind of :)
  16. Hey all,
    An idea for securing your bkie at home,
    Saw an item to secure bike when I was in London,
    One brand was called an "Ground Anchour"
    Where my brother lives, there are quite a few bikes parked in his street,
    as they dont have off street parking.
    It is bolted to concrete (saw a couple bolted to the road as well)
    and park your bike over the anchour,
    Then use a chain or plasitic coated wire rope and padlock to secure the bike to the anchour.
    Most I saw where secured around the swingarm pivot area.

    Pics of a couple of UK ones.

    Found a couple on ebay aus, as well,

  17. i was planning on spending big money on a bike alarm... but then i decided to invest in bike bling instead, so in effect it's more attractive to thieves, clever ehh? :grin:

    mmmmmmm bling.
  18. Big chris - i've also seen Kryptonite models aswell
    There very expensive though :(

  19. Sure you can buy an alarm for $70...you have to spend a fair bit more to get a GOOD one though...Jaycar alarms are not too bad for a cheapie but there are better alternatives out there. i have fitted a fair few jaycars for people but wouldn't own one myself

  20. any suggestions for a good alarm inbetween the jaycar and the scorpio? it seems you either pay $70 or $600, it sucks there isn't something in between.

    (though i didn't get a quote for a HJC alarm installed for $400 from the city kawasaki store, that's the best option in that price bracket i've found so far.)