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Securing throw-over panniers on a VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by darklightBoy, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I couldn't find anything to deal with this particular bit on search, so here goes.

    So with a road trip in the early planning stages, I'm looking at luggage options. I like the idea of the soft throw-over panniers that you can get, my only wonder is how to keep them secure. I know on most bikes you just put the strap under the pillion seat, however with the entire seat being one piece on the VTR, I can't really do that. Anyone had experience with this? My mind says if I just plonked them on the seat they'd move around pretty easily.

    Actually I remember seeing a pic of someone who had a VTR/Spada loaded to the stops with luggage....where are you? I could use some tips.

    Luggage plan so far is a 50L Ventura facing forward on the rack, tent/sleeping bag/sleeping mat strapped to the back, with throwovers or a tank bag as well.
  2. lol thanks joel :grin:
  3. probably TonyE.

    however, if it was a spada, it may not help as the spada's seat is separate to the bodywork, meaning it's no hassle to fit things inder the seat.

    hope you work it out.
  4. I have soft panniers and a one piece seat. I just lift the seat, position the understrap, lock the seat and do up the over strap. I then cable tie the little plastic loops to the closest bit of the frame.

    Make sure you protect any fairing underneath the panniers with some duct tape before putting these sort of panniers on....they'll scratch the bejesus out of the plastic in no time if you don't.
  5. on the VTR250 though the seat and bodywork are all one peice, taking off the seat also takes the bodywork and leaves you with the subframe.

    cant put anything between the seat and bodywork like other bikes,
  6. Here's mine doing its best packhorse impersonation. :)


    I like Lil's system.. well, were I to have side panniers.

    If I really wanted to packhorse it, I'd probably face the Ventura backwards, leaving the seat free for a tail pack (or just tie a bedroll, etc, down onto the pillion seat), and do the side pannier thing too. Tankbag for lollies, etc.
  7. thanks for the help guys.

    spots - i reckon my rig will end up looking a bit like yours. I'd prefer too keep my bag on the back seat, better weight distribution IMHO. mind you, I'm a pretty light packer, so i might even be able to get away with a tank bag and rack bag all up.
  8. Yeah - I've very rarely needed both the rack bag (almost always used) and tankbag. Even with a metric bucketload of camera gear and other junk. (Obviously my trips aren't long enough!)
  9. All the throwovers I've ever used had no means of securing them. Riding one up, I just positioned them well forwards and sat on 'em.


    Ensure that they cannot swing or slip and so get into the back wheel. A rider in the UK was killed a few years ago when this happened.

    It's not generally a problem on twin-shock bikes as the shockies will act as de facto pannier supports. Monoshocks might need something like a length of steel or ally strip bolted between the passenger footpeg and the rear grab-handle mounts or similar.
  10. hey PatB, correct me if im wrong, but if u weld steel between the pillion footpeg, and the rear grab-rail, you have just installed homemade 'superstiff' suspension? :p

    you'll feel everyithng in the road, and i mean EVERYTHING :shock:
  11. Only if the pillion pegs are attached to the swing arm. Some bikes have got this (Honda C90 Step-Thru, and early CB400F spring to mind) but I've not seen it on anything recent.

    That said, I've seen more than one twin shock bike with rear crash bars attached to the top and bottom shock mounts. Think about it... :grin: .
  12. Sorry old thread I know, but I have the same Q - luggage options for the VTR250 (apart from ventura)
    Pat's idea of just sitting on em might be ok ....
    I have cargo net which is great for small loads, but want something to carry a few days' riding
    (might just go a larger backpack)