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Securing tent+sleeping bag on a supersport

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Captn Spock, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Looking to hear from people about how they go about securing tent and a sleeping bag on the back of a supersport bike.

    I am not the brightest when it comes to packing luggage, so feel free to post pictures also :D

    I have Kreiga gear US 30 combo but that is not going to hold a 2 person tent and 1 sleeping bag.

    Looking to do some trips up north by myself in December.

  2. I usually pack all my camping gear in a couple of soft pannier bags, since this keeps the heaviest items as low as possible. I then used a seatbag and small tankbag for everything else (have since fitted a rack though).

    Not the best pic, but should give some idea:
    Basically tent and tools was in one pannier - sleeping mat, towel, sleeping bag and pillow were in the other one. Seat and tank bag were really just clothes and camera - since I usually stay close to towns and have found pub meals so much easier than trying to cart cooking equipment, food, etc on the bike.
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  3. thanks Jd. can I ask what panniers you're using in that picture? and is the tail pack from the manufacturer also?

    I am wondering if non Kriega pannier bags will fit alongside Kriega tail packs.
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  4. GENIUS!!! Thats exactly what I was looking for! Thanks heaps. Now to put aside some money for this.
  5. Motodry panniers (which seem to be identical to Oxford panneirs), Ventura tailbag. Tankbag is from Aldi.
  6. I do like those tailpacks. Cavernous, relatively cheap (compared to "real" panniers and luggage racks), good centre of gravity, good aerodynamics (in the 'shadow' of the rider's wake), etc.

    Unfortunately I do a bit of two-up touring so I've gotta do it the expensive way and get real panniers on real racks for real sums of money. :(
  7. I put my Cargobag on for the first timelast weekend and went for a ride, it works well. It has quite a good capacity too.
  8. Now I'm home I found where I bought mine for you
    They were good to deal with and I got the tent bag thrown in for free as a surprise :)
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  9. How well does it stay in its place? A lot of luggage systems seem to push themselves forward as you ride. Would be keen to understand how you felt the fit of the bag was and whether it stayed that way as you rode the bike?
  10. Doesn't move, has straps to anchor from behind and straps to anchor from front.
    My front ones go to the pillion peg brackets, rear to rear mudguard. Rock sollid once you fit it and tighten the straps down.
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  11. fcuk load of occy straps, see my syd->bris thread for pictures.
  12. Used a Tour Pak sports bike bag and a back pack on top. Would have room for tent and swag or sleeping bag. Didn't move at all on the bike.
  13. Trying to upload a pic from iPad but it doesn't seem to let me, so will post a pic from work tomorrow.
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  14. Use your pillion pegs and strap it using a tie down :)
  15. IMG_0954 resized.
    IMG_0974 resized.

    It has a velcro strap that goes under the passenger seat, then the two straps down the foot pegs, didn't move at all.
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  16. Duct tape.

    Yes I'm serious.
  17. We took a roll of Gaffa Tape just in case but luckily didn't have to use it. :happy:
  18. andy strapz.

    go to their site, and they have shedloads of stuff. It will even keep it dry!!!!.
    Or you can just use the strapz, think of em as occy straps with velcro. and very secure.
    Just had all my stuff for a week, tent, folding chair, inflatable mattress and sleeping bag on a ducati monster, so cant see why a sportsbike would be harder.
  19. Good timing there ... I just ordered a couple of Andy Strapz yesterday. Now all I need is a tent and a sleeping mat!