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Securing Helmet and Jacket to a Sports Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by scarecrow, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Alrighty so i'm at a bit of a loss trying to figure out how I can stow my helmet and jacket with my little Honda CBR 250 in a way that will a - shield them from bugs and spiders and b - protect them from thieving shitbags. The jackets really bulky and despite my best efforts I cannot get it to fit in my tankbag (which doubles as a backback) or a regular backpack (okay so that's not entirely true, it will fit in a regular backpack, but that's all that will fit, and it weighs an f'n ton, I want it to stay with the bike).

    Any insight would be much appreciated :)
  2. Don't know about your model, but a lot of sports bikes now have a kind of helmet lock where you lift the seat pad (usually pillion) and there is a little notch formed in the rear fairing plastic. You place the helmet buckle in this (supporting the helmet) and replace the seat pad, locking it in place. If you don't have this, you could try getting one of those stretchy luggage locks from a travel/camping shop. You could use this to thread through the jacket, too.
    Can't help you with the bugs and spiders :?
  3. Helmet, there should be a hook underneath your pillion seat to put it on, then close the seat and it will hang off the side.

    Jacket, just carry it. Ok it might seem heavy, but you'll get used to it.

    Or, like many of us do... just carry both.
  4. That is one of the downsides with sports bikes... bugger all storage!

    If you want not to suffer from this sort of problem then you need a bike with lockable panniers or top box.

    Now you could fit either of those to a babyblade, but it'd look pretty odd IMO :)
  5. Ahh....the old problem, just as irritating in 1969 on a cafe racer, as today on a sportsbike. Way back before God invented panniers I did it thus.

    Get a long length of cable, the stuff used for brake and clutch cables before hydraulics, it rolls into a really small bundle, (you can get it at a pushie shop), put a loop in each end by soldering or swaging, pass the cable through the arm of your jacket, shoulder to cuff, then pass the shoulder end through the 'D' ring on your helmet, lift seat and place jacket/helmet bundle on it with cable passed under seat and loops joined with padlock, re-fit seat and lock, enter pub, drink beer.
  6. leave the gear at home and take the bus!

    i'm not a big fan of leaving stuff behind on the bike.

    like it's been suggested, a top box might be an answer.
  7. Yep, this is what we do at the GP or SBK's, funny to see a sh*t load of jackets strung up like a flag :LOL:
  8. get a cable lock or whatever its called, run it throught the sleeves of the jacket and hook it around the pillon foot pegs.
    it wont stay put on the bike but it won't be too easy to take from the bike
  9. Nothing can stop a very determine thief... especially expensive stuffs. I will suggest you carry them with you!

  10. From my experience with my mountain bike and car:

    Your security devices really only stop opportunity theft. Anyone who has prepared in advance could defeat your devices one way or another.

    With that in mind, I'd only leave stuff with the bike if:
    (some no brainers / common sense but best safe than sorry I guess)

    - It is not a "regular" parking spot. By this I mean if you do not regularly leave the bike there, in the same general area for the same times on the same days. If a thief notices the gear you have on your bike, the times the bike is parked there and the security that you have, they can plan their theft.

    - Regular spot with excellent security. If you know that the bike is going to be monitored, or is in a high visibility area

    - Short duration stops - you've got the devices to prevent the opportunity theft, very low chance that someone has the time to plan to steal from you - service stations, dropping into Maccas etc

    - the stuff you're leaving with the bike is cheapo stuff that probably won't get stolen anyway

    I have an eBay sourced, cheapo mountain bike that I use to commute when I'm not feeling lazy. While it is not name brand, it does have rear suspension (or an approximation of it) and disc brakes, so it sorta looks tough. I was parking it at the train station for a few weeks on regular times - leaving just my cheap ass helmet with the bike. I figured anyone who had the equipment or know-how to steal bits off a bike, would have no interest in my eBay dealie.

    Of course, that still did not stop someone unbolting my rear caliper and cutting the brake cable to steal the cheapass caliper ..... Thank god it was only my rear caliper, as I found out that it was gone only after trying to slow myself down from about 30 km/h fairly quickly :eek:
  11. Buy a jacket you look really really cool in - then you'll be ok with wearing it around.

    Yeah, helmet is a pain - but you can put your shopping in it instead of those baskets they provide...
  12. yeah i carry mine around, as ktulu said use the helmet to hold stuff, exspecially your bottle of drink for lunch, makes putting the helmet back on, on a day a little nicer.
  13. 1) Sell CBR...
    2) Buy Across...
    3) Put your gear in the handbag.

    I don't know how i'll get by when I trade up my across.

    otherwise get a cheap nylon drawstring bag.
    Get a cable with eyes on the end and pass through one arm, then helmet chin, then other arm and lock to bike. Put bag around them both just to keep em clean and tidy.
  14. I've been thinking about this quite a bit... I'm about to buy a bike and I want all the gear (boots and pants as well as jacket and gloved) so I've been trying to work this out as well... I thought of making something like this (didn't realise it was for sale already)


    This way you could chain it to a pole near your bike (or to the bike I guess) dump all your gear in it and leave it. I have no idea how much interest something like that would attract to thieves but maybe in a crowded place in daylight (ie at work) it might be OK.

    It'd be great to test one out by leaving it in a few places chained up for a few weeks to see if it got tampered with but for ~$200 I don't think I'd take my chances.

    Any more thoughts? I know some cities have big air-port style lockers you can hire for a day which would be *fantastic*
  15. if the problem is just lack of a lock point, can try this thing
    Pacsafe is a bit of a hassle to pack and unpack.
  16. I'd have the same sort of reservations on the pacsafe that I do with pulling up in a car park and stashing valuables in the boot of your caR. Yeah they're out of sight from passers by, but if your would be thief observed you putting valuables in - then their interest will very likely be piqued. Better to have the valuables stored in your boot before you park the car.

    Now if you use something like that where you regularly park the bike ... the chance of getting a thief interested and the thief doing something about it increase.
    They'll know what you're storing and the extent of the security protecting it.

    'Course different rules apply to high visibility spots.

    Also - in the current paranoid climate, leaving a large piece of luggage unattended somewhere public will probably get attention of another sort too .... [/url]
  17. I had thought of that... when I was thinking about making one (before I relised it already existed) I thought to test it out I could lock a few to posts around the city to see if they were tampered with, but then imagine how skitz the cops would go when people started calling them in as suspicious items.