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Securing Bike on Trailer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am trying to find a better way to tow my roadbike. I have a standard box trailer without rails, would strapping down the front tyre and using a Tyre-Down on the rear be sufficient? Does anyone have experience with the product?

  2. I've not used a Tyre Down before, but I've carried a bike in a box trailer.

    I used ratchet straps on the front bars and tied the front wheel to the front of the trailer so that it couldn't move. To keep the back steady, I wrapped another strap around the back wheel and secured it to each side of the trailer.

    If you strap the front down and use the Tyre Down, I'd still tie both wheels in place to stop them from sliding out from under the bike. That's what the channel on bike trailers is there for.

    If you're going to do this regularly, get yourself a length of channel that you can bolt to the floor of your trailer, or make some blocks to bolt to the floor beside the tyres.
  3. :rofl: :rofl:
    You've just put him off the whole idea hehe
  4. People have suggested that I have some sort of rail for both wheels.
    I have a Ventura wheel stand for the front.
    I can't use a tyredown on my bike (I would if I could, but it will rub against the mufflers and is therefore not recommended for my model) and may look at some form of rail for the rear shortly. Up until now I've used front and rear tie-downs to strap the bike securely.
  5. Tyredowns work very well. On there website it says the front tyre should be strapped down, doesnt mention anything about a rail. Personally i wouldn't go without a brace or rail on any bike trailering, since the bike jumps up and down and i dont any problems like the pic above.

    Just drill a hole in your trailer, and install a wheel brace, and then your all good.
  6. Seen the pics on the tyredown webfright? The trailer is at 45 degrees and the bikes don't budge.

    I would use them.
  7. I bought a piece of channel from a trailer maker when I needed to transport my bike.

    I bolted it to the trailer floor (cost ~$70). It worked well in combination with ratchet straps front and rear. I trailer my bike almost 1000 kms this way :)
  8. I strongly suggest more is better, yeah it mght be apain come time to take the bike off but more straps "should" equal more stability and you want that unelss your bike is a POS and don't care..
  9. I wonder if she lost her tow ball there...
  10. Nope, it's still there, but the tongue appears to have lost a bolt, causing it to spin. Doubt this would have cause the accident, though.

  11. I modified the hire truck we used to move to Coff's to make use of the tyre down system, neither bike moved over the 1600 odd K trip. Yes there was a few straps over the front of the bikes that that was more to hold them in place seeing as I had no channel to sit the wheels in.