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Securing bike on trailer?? What do u use??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by natta, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I am gonna be trailering my bike around alot in the coming months.
    Have previously been using just standard tie downs connected to the top yoke to secure my bike onto the trailer. But have been told that what i do buggers up the suspension (seals, springs) due to the compression force. Since i just spent alot of money on a getting my suspension totally rebuilt, i don't wanna bugger it.

    Have seen people use
    -"tyredowns", secures back tyre holding the bike
    - "monkey straps" That go over the handle bars, and then u tie tie downs to them.

    Any opinions on these methods, or do u have a better way??

    thanks in advance

  2. 3 ropes. that is all you need ;)
  3. Tyre downs will save your suspension, Monkey straps will NOT, they still pull the front of the bike down, compressing your fork. I just got a tyredown.
  4. ropes and use the truckers "knot" :grin: and see if the buggers move then :wink:
  5. - ratchet tie down strap

    +1 for truckie knot. very important skill to have
  6. Aren't tyre downs the metal things that fit over the tyres? How do they work with fitted front mud guard and rear hugger?

    There's a bike clamp/claw thing you can fit to a trailer which clamps your front wheel, then you tie down the back to stop the bike moving around. That's probably the best. Just roll the bike forward and it's automatically locked into the clamp.

    Personally, I'm not so sure how bad the tie-down route is for suspension. I use a "super bike sling" across the bars and tie the bike down against the suspension... haven't had any issues so far. Also depends on how much you clamp things down. That's why I use a high load rated 35mm wide ratchet tie-down that I got cheap from: www.secureaload.com.au I don't have to clamp the bike so much and feel confident to let the bike swing a little.

    Tie down experience: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31333
  7. I've never had any problems with ratchet straps and pulling the front down. I haven't carried my bike a lot, but have friends in the states, who do it week in / week out when taking their bikes to track days, who swear by it.
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