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Securing a GoPro

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bikeboy, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Hi all. Just got a GoPro (for my birthday ;)), and I'm a little nervous about the adhesive mounts. Do you guys secure them with a tether of some sort as well? Or is the adhesive up to the task of normal road vibrations?

  2. I got a mount off eBay that clamps around the handle bars. Was about $30 from memory. Has survived heaps of stacks in the bush so far. I don't trust those sticky mounts
  3. Done speeds starting with 2 on a car that had an adhesive mount under the mirrors and up to about 130 on my helmet. The car mount has been there for about 2 years now and hasn't come off.

    Use the curved mount for your helmet or a flat one if you are sticking on something flat and you'll be alright.
  4. As long as you mount it properly and give it say 30 minutes to set it's fine. Had mine going around 240km/h (closed road) and it didn't flinch, but you might want to invest in an external mic because you wont hear anything but wind noise.

    Have fun with it!!
  5. I wanted to stick a mount on the chin of my Helmet (which has worked out really well). Because the stock mounts don't fit that shape, I did the following, which I think could be adapted to other unusual mounting locations: 1/ I cut the mount that the GoPro is boxed on so it was just the shape of the mount, without the extra square plastic. 2/ I used 5 minute Araldite to fill in the hollow back, and let it dry. 3/ I used a dremel with a sanding end to shape the back of the mount to be roughly the shape of the unusual surfaces on the front of the helmet (my helmet has a number of plastic parts that come together to make a very uneven surface). 4/ I put glad wrap over the front surface of the helmet, put fresh 5 minute araldite onto the GoPro mount, and positioned it onto the gladwrap where I wanted it. 5/ When the Araldite was hard I removed the mount from the glad wrap (it comes off really easy and clean). I could see that some parts of the Araldite had made good contact, but much hadn't, so not a great/strong bond. 6/ I filled the back of the mount with another batch of Araldite, making sure the cavities were well filled. I then did the glad wrap trick again. 7/ Removing the mount from the glad wrap I could see that I had a perfect impression of the surface, and putting it dry onto the helmet it was a really neat fit. So a little fresh Araldite again and I bonded it on to the helmet, knowing it had a really solid bond across the whole surface. Ross.
  6. Thanks Guys. Seems I'm over-compensating for an issue that doesn't exist. I'm happy now the adhesive is secure.

    Nice tip on molding a base to a custom surface too, although I'm not sure I'd glue a mount to my helmet.
  7. I mount mine sometimes on my mates 6 second drag car.
    I tether it from a bodywork screw/bolt to the camera with a 'snap-on' type fishing line wire thing. they are about 8 inches long and cheap from fishing tackle shops.
    Mine was black and has a loop at each end.

    Cheap insurance.

  8. thanks blur, that's the kind of thing I was thinking of, but didn't know where to look.

  9. I've heard people say they don't like having the GoPro on their helmet.... something about not wanting it mounted where it can see their speedo!

  10. Yes. careful framing is a consideration. I don't have the LCD screen (yet), but there's an iPhone app that connects over wireless that gives you a preview and control of the unit. Works brilliantly;)

  11. Yeah I use the Windows Phone app, it makes framing really easy.
  12. Most issues I've heard about is the actual brackets breaking where they pivot. I just recently go a HD3 and just found an old compact camera wrist strap, fed it through the centre of the casing hinge and back through itself. Hook it around anything on the bike that's close enough just to make sure.

  13. I have 4 mount positions on my bike for my GoPro and they really dont move, I also use the chest harness over my jacket, looks great but yeah you can see your speedo quite easily..
  14. I use ram mounts which is secured to the centre stem of the bike.