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Secure your number plates?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_messy, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. secure your number plates?
    and I mean secure, not just hold them on.
    my plates are missing again.
    after the first time I decided that two screws were not enough to keep ém secured.
    so I riveted and used double sided tape to keep my plates on.
    But they're missing again.

    I'd like to believe that they fell off but having my tools and equipment stolen from my place recently, I think they may have been stolen.

    Plates were EQ178 if anyone happens to see them.

  2. number plate surround with troxscrews... then lock tight and bolt to bike. You will need an angle grinder to get it off later.
  3. I have never lost a plate on any of the vehiches I have ever driven. Nor have I had anyone I know loose a plate. Especially more than once!

    I am assuming you used at least two rivets? Unless you jump your bike, I don't see how you can lose more than one in a gazillion years. They almost certainly have been stolen. :mad:
  4. I use lock tight and Araldite in the head of the screws so they can not get into them, i also have used Araldite and lock tight on my bike rack as someone flogged the last one.
  5. roto is right report them as stolen today. Other wise you will get fines or taken to court over stealing petrol.
  6. I had three rivets as well as the double sided tape.
    umm...I don't slow down much at all when I get to a speed hump. It is called a speed hump after all. Even then, I don't think I woulda fallen off.

    I've reported the plates stolen already.

    this is such a pain. :mad:
    anyone know the cost of a VIC plate?
  7. I am on plate number 3 since January.....
    Both previous plates have vibrated themselves to the point they crack arround the screws and come off, one flew off on my first big group ride.
    I tried the nylock screws and that didn't work.
    I have now got a netrider plate surround and glued it to the plate, it has stopped the cracking and the plate has been inplace for 4 months so far.
  8. G'day everyone,.......

    May I suggest a small bolt and Lock-nuts.....
    Always worked for me with no problems of working loose.

    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?
  9. I would suggest (although ive never done it myself... bc i dont have a bike)
    Screw in the plates - then use a drill and scrape off the heads of the nuts. Then get a small cable tie and loop it around something else incase the screws come off. At the end of the day... a $13 number plate is not as bad as them ripping your bike apart to get them