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Secure, Motorcycle Storage Cage.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by scasual, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Got a nice bike and no where to store it?? What you need is a...
    Unique, Secure, Motorcycle Storage Unit/Cage.

    This is a well engineered and expertly constructed motorcycle storage cage.
    Dimensions are as follows;
    - Height - 1.85m at tallest point.
    - Width - 1.22m
    - Length - 3.6m
    All dimensions are external and so subtract 5cms to gain approximate internal dimension.

    - It is made out of Galvanized steel, so should never rust!
    - It hinges open like a giant bread box! allowing a bike to be wheeled in and out.
    - It has large double sprung shock absorbers to assist with opening and closing.
    - It has attachment points allowing it to be bolted down to a concrete slab.
    - It has a front lock point that could mated to a ring bolt so that it can be securely locked.
    - Alternatively a chain around the side cage area would also prevent it from being opened.

    The pictures probably explain it the best. I can Email them at your request.

    The cage is heavy. So would require several people to lift (think about this when you collect it)
    however I believe it would fit on a 6x4 trailer.

    I am selling this for my neighbour who is old and not very computer savy.
    So if you have Questions be patient and I will get back to you. Please Email (scasual@hotmail.com) or call 0427220302.
    Inspections can be arranged. It's in Ferntree Gully, 3156
    Price $200.
  2. f**** thats a bit overkill.......
  3. I've met a guy from Sydney (a friend of my sister) who's on his 3rd Harley in about 5 years who'd probably disagree.

    The first 2 got stolen, the current one is kept chained and cabled to concrete mounted anchor points inside what he calls a garage but is more like a small concrete vault.
  4. but then again.....
    its round the corner from me too... wonder if the old man will let me sit it in the driveway....
  5. Oh I should've mentioned earlier it is basically weatherproof as the upper 2/3rd's is made of gal. sheet. Here is an old eBay listing no. That should allow you to see some pics - 320919808207

    My neighbor is not trying to make money out of it. (you'll see from the photo's there is 100's of dollars in it, in steel alone) He just wants to see it go to biker home.
  6. Bump, any offers?
  7. Interesting idea!
    I'm lucky with my current bike that it can fit in the laundry if I'm worried but shall keep in mind.
  8. Mine fits inside my 4 car garage, so I'm lucky too!! :rofl:
  9. good concept, I wouldn't have to worry about leaving a bike in the front yard when I eventually get another one. I'll keep this in mind
  10. If this was in Brisbane, I'd be over it like a rash. Your pics no longer seem to work by the way mate?
  11. That's a fantastic cage - I'd love that - shipping would be a killer and a half to brisbane sadly. Best of luck with sale.

    Unless by posting the pics, you mean you've bought it spen?
  12. still available?
    noticed its an old post...
  13. Yes still available. Give me a call 0427 220302.
    Or shoot me a PM with your number and I'll call you back.
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