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Secrets Revealed!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Not_sane (leo) posts naked!!!!!
    the cat is out of the bag!

    (cmon, its friday!)
  2. it aint a cat, and hopefully it's not actually in the bag !!!
  3. hahaha

    says the one that just happens to be naked for 2 hours before going for showers in the morning and then again at night. and happens to love melted chocolate.
  4. I do not post naked... baby :LOL:
  5. I'd hate to have to go and get evidence.

    and i've been told to tell you that your walking round the house in socks and jocks has scared the crap out of people in the mornings

    and just because you and other people are drinking doesn't necessarily mean that your playing strip poker.

    don't be ashamed i'm sure theres others like you that are shy as well.. HAHA Grrrl is one of them. even at skate night she was trying to get her gear off...

    touchè with the thread baby
  6. strip poker hey ? So that's what the chick next door is doing in her bedroom all the time ????
  7. sure you would hate that :p youll just have to rely on witnesses. or lack thereof :p

    and i do what now? i thought you said naked :LOL:

  8. hahaha i'll bet es doesn't know you live in fairfield :LOL:
  9. Im never putting my knickers on the line again :p
  10. ...and how is it that you know this, exactly??? :wink: :D :p
  11. hehehehe, no, you oughta start putting your ass on the line !!!!

    <runs away>
  12. :shock: do speak up es
  13. the awsomeness of drunken PMs..... ;)

    (geeze, i hope leo doesnt start quoting MY PMs!!!)
  14. hahah anybody need proof?

    doonks from your av it looks like you post naked too!
  15. baby, dont be so freaked out by naked posting. Im sure everyone does it once in awhile :p
  16. who's complaining? still want lacy panties and bra tho.
  17. :shock: Ill post you one... whats your size??
  18. sweet, make it a blonde or brunette i really can't decide, bout 170cm goes to the gym or is fit anyways, laughs heaps, smart and drinks got nice legs.

    you need any other details?
  19. hehe i found out another secret....
  20. thats... what i was reading 2 seconds ago... its in Netrider stats thread