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Secret Shame Thread (spin off from Glove Algorithm)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greydog, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Well, Robsalv mentioned he had a secret shame, and here's mine...

    I sometimes forget whether to pull or push the gear lever to shift up/down. I have to have a real think about it.

    I suppose many of us forget to put the helmet on BEFORE putting on the gloves/taking the key out of the pocket etc etc

    What dumbarse thing do you regularly do?
  2. Get out of bed.
  3. I've had a few times when I've changed down a gear instead of up. Very embarrassing, and not at all a pleasant or recommended experience.
  4. i regularly read threads like this one. :p
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  5. ...and I spend way too much time on NetRider! :)

    Well..secret shame - used to be leaving the indicator on for a bit too long but that's been cured now.
  6. Yeah I spend a lot of time on about 8 different forums....

    Donlt ya use the ndicator any more? That'll fix it.
  7. Like others I am a serial indicator checker. I also randomly check that the fuel tap is in the ON position not the RES position.
  8. I think I am tron
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  9. I press the horn instead of indicating
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  10. Try to take helmet off with sunglasses still on
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  11. +1 to that :( hate to admit it
  12. I look at my reflection in shop windows to see the badass biker.
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  13. ^

  14. Start the bike out the front of a busy restaurant, gear up, give it a rev ready to ride off and then put it in gear before the sidestand is up so the kill switch kicks in and everyone thinks you've stalled it ](*,) Never done it anywhere else but done it twice now in that situation lol
  15. lol +1 for me!
  16. Yep, do that occasionally.
  17. Trying to do a rapid take off (well as rapidly as a VTR250 is able to) and miss 2nd, get neutral instead.
  18. serial indicator checker

    also have red hair

  19. Clipping mirrors while I'm filtering
  20. Guilty of this.