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Secret Motorcycle Salute?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tevez, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was just curious if there is a salute/acknowledgement between riders as they go by. In America it seems they display two fingers hanging low as they ride past one another.

    From my short (Verrrrrry short) experience riding along back streets for about a week now, only one rider has actually signaled to me. As we were passing each other he gave me the good 'ol head nod and I reciprocated in kind. This occurred on my first day riding and has not happened since. Ive even tried motioning to other riders as we pass with a little salute or wave/nod (usually done at speeds of <40ks) but im either greeted with a puzzled look or completely ignored.

    Is it common for Aussies to greet one another as they ride by or are we more on a one track mind, focusing on where we need to go?
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  3. Oh.. And

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  4. Hey pal, welcome. I'd suggest you search. There are a good double handful of nodding threads around. Hence the response :)
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  5. Just for the record, however, I'm noticing in the last couple of years that riders seem not to be acknowledging each other at all..
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  6. I make a deliberate effort to both give and return any aknowledgment to and ftom other riders. Unless you're the fifteenth odd rider in a group. I'm not ignoring you, my arm is just getting tired by then.
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  7. One finger, usually the index finger with palm inwards.
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  8. I try to nod or wave, circumstances permitting. As ST59ST59 said: aviate, navigate, communicate. In that order.

    Explains why I don't nod when the motorcycle is airborne.
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  9. Hi mate when I started riding back in the 70s everyone waved.Probably less traffic and more time,but I have noticed that other riders acknowledging my wave is getting less and less over the last few years.As I said could be because of the traffic and less time.All I can suggest is just continue to wave because when someone waves back it gives you a good feeling that there are still good people out there
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  10. It's common practice in Australia to flap both elbows like a chicken followed be grabbing your crotch.
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  11. Maybe that's why I don't many waves anymore.
    I'm doing it all wrong.lol
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  12. Finally finishing off with a high pitched Michael Jackson squeal :dance2:
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  13. #13 b12mick, Oct 17, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2016
    I've found it depends where I am and how many other riders are in my group or theirs.

    And no, there is no 'secret wave, nod, salute or hand shake'. That is unless they happen to be Masons.
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  14. I nodded at a cop on a bike once, he stared at me and then I slowed down to the speed limit.
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  15. You salute a fellow rider by doing a wheelie :)
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  16. No such secret signals or handshakes, mate. Been riding for the past three weeks (racked up 2K plus KMs) and have come across plenty of acknowledgements. Most common is a quick, sharp nod if they are travelling in the opposite direction. If they are travelling in the lane next to ya, a left-handed two-finger salute (as if you are dipping your hand in the water while sitting in a small boat).

    Finally, something I initiated yesterday. :playful: Approaching Kangaroo Valley is a road with plenty of trees and therefore, lots of shade. A large red-bellied black snake slithered from left to right real quick. I recoiled (sorry, had to use this word) in my seat. Then I saw two Harley riders approaching up ahead. I motioned for them to slow down and pointed out to the road whilst wriggling my finger at the same time. What else would it mean other than "watch out, snake on the road". Right? RIGHT? Wrong! The Harley riders just rode past me with nary a twitch. No nod either. Not even a 'villainous facial tic'. Harley riders don't give a s$17 about snakes or other riders. I doubt if Harley riders can even see other riders on the road. Granited-faced with a perma-scowl etched on it, staring ahead at eternity, riding like they are on a mission to decimate all that is good on earth. :p Hehehe

    Anyways, for the other good people out there, that's my contribution - a not-so-secret hand signal to warn you of snakes on the road :p Point out to the road and wriggle it. :joyful: :LOL:
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  17. How long have you been riding?????? 3 months??? hahaha.

    If, and it's a fcuking big IF, I saw you wiggle your finger at me I'd just think you were some sort fcukwit knob.
  18. Just three weeks. That was meant to be a light-hearted post, btw. :)
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  19. I'm usually too focused on the road to give you anything beyond a nod, but if I'm parked on the roadside then I'll put in a bit more effort:

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  20. Well from what ive gathered ill just wave frantically at other motorcyclists (providing its safe) until they acknowledge me, even if it means hunting them down to get that recognition.
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