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(seconds) leather jacket - your opinion?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by josh909, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. hi guys,

    am considering purchasing a new leather jacket as a preferred option to my cordura one. stumbled across a new jacket with tags that is retailing for half price due to some leather discolouration on one shoulder:


    question: judging from the pic, is this simply a case of the dye peeling off? (which is what i've been told) and if so would it be right in thinking that if not treated, it would continue to do so?

    thanks guys.

  2. Hi
    Looks like the (sprayed-on) colour/ paint is coming off due to dry storage.
    That indicates either wrong storage or , more likely, a fairly old item that's been stored in dry conditions for quite a while (years).
    Also, could be a manuf. fault.
    If untreated, it'll continue to flake off.
    To do it properly, the rest of the "coating" should be removed with acetone and then re-dyed. Materials for that are available through Lefflers and Sons in Sth Melbourne, a wholesaler to the leather-trades (with public access).
    Paint sits on top, dye is designed to SOAK-IN, without building a skin.
    After that process, the leather should be treated with Snoseal or such (disposal/ camping stores).
  3. thanks glitch... sounds like a bit too much trouble for my liking...
  4. I'm no leather expert (I leave that to other, more kinky, forum members) but it looks a bit suss to me.

    I know of a 2nd hand shop that always seems to have lotsa leathers and leather jackets. I can't think of its name but it's in Miranda. If you are heading east along the road that takes you to Miranda Fair (President Ave?), when you get to the street where you'd turn right and go up towards the car park, turn left instead and, down that road on the right is a little shopping centre with a supermarket, etc.

    In that complex there's a 2nd hand shop on your right hand side after you walk in the main door.

    Sorry I can't help any more than that, but a while ago while I was there they had, for example, several very good looking sets of full leathers for $695.
  5. New is always better, of course.
  6. buy it... if it is cheep and the area is ging to be as strong as the rest of the jacket... who cares how it looks...