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Secondhand Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Roberto, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    Just wondering what you guys think about buying a helmet that is still very new and only been worn twice i.e secondhand .Iam going to get it less than half the normal retail price..

    Any advice?


  2. Get mine get mine... never been drop.. comes with tinted visor. Less than 50% off..
  3. If it looks as new - buy it
  4. Why would someone be selling a brand new helmet?
    You should get it checked out before you buy it.
  5. be careful. a helmet can still look new after being dropped.
  6. Just have a good look at it. You can normally tell if anythign has happened to it.
  7. don't buy it
  8. Unless youre going to send it away to be tested (by SHOEI or ARAI or whover made it) then i'd be very careful. You can buy helmet testers from peter stevens, but its not a sure-fire way to be 100%.
  9. sorry, wrong post. Dont I look silly
  10. I wouldn't buy a second hand helmet. My cousin is letting me borrow his helmet till i am more confident but he told me he dropped it and put a Yoda sticker over one of the scratches. I wont be going over 3kms :p

    But yeah how much is the helmet?
  11. I sold my old helmet. It was giving me "can't wait to rip this thing off" headaches after an hour. I gave it a month but it didn't improve much. Sold it on eBay a few weeks later. There can be legit reasons.
  12. Whats a helmet tester(other then the obvious) and how does it work, I thought the factory tests were with x-rays and scary stuff like that. how can you buy something that does the same type of thing?
  13. I'd buy it, but I'm a tightarse bugger!
  14. I dont know how they work, but its a little silver handheld thing, and it'd probably only detect major damage. Even a hairline crack can severely damage a helmet. Pretty much, summing up, check the lid over. If there is any painted bits or damage, dont buy it... How many of us have dropped or bumped a helmet, knowing it could be damaged, and not replaced it? The helmet I used for courier work got beaten up alot, and saved my noggin when I ate shit, so its your head and your brains. A good helmet in good nick as opposed to a crap one, can be the difference between being a vegetable and death.
  15. I had a shoei x-eleven
    I sold it after i wore it 4 times as it simply did not fit me properly

    nothing wrong with it, it still smelt new

    there can be exceptions to the don't buy 2nd hand rule