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secondhand bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by skunked5, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Dont know if its just in Tas but there is no good secondhand bikes for sale. Bikesales, bikepoint, gumtree, ebay.. nothing!! Got 8K to spend (gotta get some gear with that also) is there anywhere else to look?

  2. Take a trip to Melb, test ride, purchase. Home on the boat... easy.
  3. Where to look in Melb.. or stick to the herald. Only been ther once and i dont remember much of it.
  4. If I lived in tassie I wouldn't wanna sell my bike either!
  5. If I lived in tassie I wouldn't wanna sell my bike either!
  6. Got some of the best roads. Pity you can only ride them 3 months of the year tho. snap, now im bagging on my own state
  7. Have a look at Bikepoint and Bikesales the the Trading Post for bikes for sale in Victoria and arrange a pre purchase inspection when you find one that looks like it's the one you want.

    Then do what others have said, fly over... pick up the bike, ride it onto the ferry and then home.
  8. I'm in a similar situation in WA. Here I am, with a nine grand insurance payout burning a hole in my bank account, and there's precious little on the secondhand market that I'd want and absolutely fcuk all that I'd consider a bargain.

    The S/H market is so daft at the moment, that there's even one bike in the paper, used, for $350 more than I can buy the same bike off the showroom floor and ride it home for :evil: .

    I know S/H bike prices are generally ludicrous here, but a combination of nice spring weather and my cashed up status seems to have kyboshed the market completely.
  9. theres plenty of 250s down here for sale but im looking for something alittle bigger to lug my fatass about. am thinking a zzr250 (4.5k) might see me through the 18months of engine lag but i guess beggers cant be choosers. Would love to go over to the big smoke and get a bike but i had to sell so many brownie points even to get to this stage.
  10. well getting the paper and going hunting for a bike tomorrow. heres hoping i find one..
  11. found one!! got a 2k4 susi gs500f. 5000kms.