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Secondary schools - West side of Melb

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys. I'm after opinions of secondary schools on the West side of Melbourne. Areas being Hoppers/Tarneit/Altona etc. Perhaps even Werribee...

    I'd especially like to hear from people who are familiar with the following schools:

    Heathdale secondary college.
    Bayside secondary college (Newport campus)
    Altona Secondary college.
    Thomas Carr College (Tarneit) - this is no. 1 on our list... :)

    Any info appreciated.

    Cheers :)
  2. Bayside Secondary Newport campus is the best of that list you have although you do realise it's a 10-12 school and there are a few "ethnic" issues with Altona Secondary College.
    there is also Williamstown High School Pasco street Campus which is by far the best of that group if you are asking for a senior secondary campus, the train stops right outside the school.
    There is also Footscray City whch offers the widest curriculum but has "ethnic" problems.
    Stay clear of Hoppers and Werribee.
    I can't speak for the one in Tarneit, I've never heard of it before
  3. Thomas Carr has a few friends of mine there, and they are all pretty good kids. If i lived in that area, i think my kids would go to Westbourne Grammar if I could afford it, if not then to Thomas Carr.
    But, TC is the school that weas in the news a couple of years ago for the girls selling their 'services'( :eek: ) to the boys for $5 a go! :shock:
  4. Wow, now thats a bargain :shock:
  5. I know you call yourself "I Adore Vic" but that doesn't mean you need to move into his part of the world :LOL:
  6. She's more than welcome to the good side of town. :)
  7. I'm not stalking him - really! (What street did you say you live in again Vic?) :p :LOL:

    Triway - I've been told that Tarneit is God's country. :wink: :LOL:

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll look into Bayside, but what do you mean by 'ethnic' issues?

    Williamstown High was def high up on the list - would have been perfect (train and work) and we're kind of familiar with the school as our oldest went to Borneo with a group of kids from that school a few yrs ago. Our chances of getting in are slim to nil if we don't live in the required area - which we wont be due to the high cost of rentals there. They've put us on the waiting list but I'm not holding my breath.

    Footscray City was another recommended to us by the Williamstown High staff.

    Cheers for the heads up on Hoppers and Werribee.

    We're on the waiting list for Thomas Carr and should hear back from them in a few days once I fax them school reports. Shady history aside (I remember that) :shock: it looks like an impressive school. And yep, Westbourne Grammar is way too expensive.

    Heathdale looks good too and is def one we'll be looking into in the next few days.

    Thanks again :)
  8. "Ethnic issues meaning lots of lebs doing their Leb thing in sunshine and Footscray city lots of asian and somalian kids with their own "issues", having said that if you can't get into willy then Footscray city is a great school with a huge amount of subjects and students.
  9. mother in-law lives there, so no comment :oops:

    Bacchus Marsh is Gods country anyway!
  10. Ah.. it's all a bit daunting coming from the Island. YOu get your surf kids and your non-surf kids...but nothing like what you describe above. I'm not familiar with what the Lebs do or what issues the Asian and Somalian kids have. :? I'd like to get some kind of an idea though...please. :) I grew up in a multi-cultural area in Sth East Qld that saw plenty of after school clashes on the train trip home...some of the shite that went on.

    Will look into Footscray City as well though.. thanks. :)
  11. I did bash out a lengthy email in response to some Q's that you asked. Not sure if you got it or not.

    Thomas Carr is a well regarded school.

    I hear The Grange Secondary is also pretty good. No experience though.

  12. Stay away from the Grange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The Lebs, although mpstly harmless and full of bravado have been known to gang up on those who look at them the wrong way, they seem t get half their relatives involved but that seems to have died off now that most of them are all grown up and got jobs.
    The asians, somalians and islanders tend to fight each other.
    Grange is Boganvile baaaaaaad stay clear of there as it is not a fantastic school despite some very good teachers. too many social problems.
    I seriously have no experience with /Thomas Carr

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.
  14. Hey Vic - I replied to your pm but it mustn't hae sent cos I just checked my pm box and its not in there. I wanted to pick your brain about the Grange as their website is pretty slack on information. I don't think Smee's impressed with the place. :LOL:
  15. +1 :LOL:
  16. Come to the East side.... we have cookies!!!!

    ("God's country" means "deliverance", doesn't it?.... :wink:)

    (And from friends over that way, anything Williamstown way can't be wrong...)
  17. I agree with Smee
    Stay away from Grange Rosie

    before we moved over here to Gods real country (Hobart :p ) we lived across the road and down the street a bit from Grange and boy do you see some things. Glad now the way it happened but I rang them repeatedly to get Josh enrolled for next year with them before we moved down there and after 8 calls I got no reply. Then we moved down there and wooo sure glad they ignored us.

    My kids went over to Caranballac College in Point Cook, we just dropped them off on the way to work in the CBD on the back of the bikes and picked them up from after school care. They do from kindy to year 9.

    I had the kids enrolled in Bacchus Marsh Grammar for high school as their bus picks them up from werribee/hoppers crossing.

    Good luck Rosie, I hope you find the right school for them. I am having dramas down here as every school is zoned and the school in our zone is worse then Grange....... with sexual assaults being the norm. I still havent got Josh enrolled in a school as I am begging everywhere else and on waiting lists grrrrrrr

  18. Thanks for info...will steer clear of the Grange ;)

    We've got an interview coming up with Thomas Carr so will see how that goes. :) And good luck Stromer in finding a school...I don't blame you for staying away fromt hat particular school - far out!
  19. My two neices went to Footscray for a year, two years ago. They live in Alice Springs but their Mum was at Melb Uni. They loved it and still keep in touch with their friends. It is really good for the arts, music and drama and sport. (Well, they were the areas my nieces thrive in). The youngest wants to live in Melbourne so she can finish off her secoundary schooling at Footscray.
  20. Rosie, have you been to look at the school? Go have a look around, especially at home time to see what the kids are actually like and how they behave when outside the school gate.

    Jayden started going to Collingwood College 7 weeks ago and he is a different kid from when he went to Wellington SC. He has gone from a 'high school drop out' to a hard working, wanting to study 17 year old and has just been asked by the vice principle to apply for a scholarship so the school can make all the difference. I went to the parent teacher interview 2 weeks and I couldn't believe it was the same kid they were talking about.

    Good luck with your choice :)