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NSW Second Suspenion

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rat man407, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. so we all know i lost my license a while back now and i been talking to a mate who also lost his he got done for 45kms over where i was only done for 30 when he when to get his back the RTA gave it to him then sent him a letter 3 weeks later saying that his license was suspended due to his speeding ticket

    so now I'm worried that as soon as i get mine back i will have it suspended again witch i can not afford to do

    can anyone put some light on it for me
    Thanks Ratman

  2. second suspension was probably due to points add up.

    I got done for 158 (58over) and I'll get a nice 8 points added to my tally for that. Luckily I only
    had one already so I'm at 9 points.
  3. Victoria: Yep, a suspension for the offence and then a suspension for exceeding 12pts - you can try to go a year without an additional point, but if you get a point, then you serve double the suspension.
  4. expert A I'm on green P's in the car and L's on the bike so i have 8 points in a car and i only lost 7 so i should be fine in that point

    but because i was on my L's on the bike even thought i don't have it now due to expiring will they still suspended my license because i when over my points on the bike

    and by the way i'm in nsw
  5. Dont know, i read on another site somewhere a guy whinging about a second suspension (i think justified) having just completed an automatic suspension for 3 months for doing the 30 over, then the week after he was 'off suspension' also got another 3 months letter delivered to him on top of that for it being a speeding fine on his P's - i may have that back to front, but it was something like that! I think that was red P's though, and was about 4 years ago. Not sure on green P rules i never had them :D.
  6. Was the 30-over an "instant" suspension?
    I think you're gonna get some bad news in the mail...
  7. thats such a load of shit.

    not saying you're wrong, just that it's fcuking unfair.
  8. I was GOING to say "Hey, this thread should be in Technical......." :LOL:
  9. yeah it was an instant one but the problem is it still leave points on my green p's but not on my bike linces witch i don't have anyway so fcuk if i get suspended again then I'm just going for it there is no fcuking way i can do another 3 months of this
  10. I'm almost certain that when your instant suspension is up, you'll get a letter informing you of the next suspension for exceeding points on your L's.
    You will still be able to drive however; I'm assuming the instant was on the bike?
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  11. Can you do a year (or more) if you get caught while suspended then ? Food for thought...

    Also NSW P2 licenses have a maximum of 7 (not 8) points before suspension so there may be even more bad news :(
  12. If you lose one licence for car or bike or truck, you lose the lot, It means you cant drive any thing while your on Suspension,
    And that double jeopardy thing is frightening, can you not get a point for 12 months,
    Its better just to do the original suspension,
  13. From http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/penalties/demeritpoints/index.html
  14. Not necessarily. In NSW you can lose a Learners or a P and still have a full car license.
    This has been covered many times before. For a full Car License and Learners Bike going to MYRecords gives:
    OP: Was the Car License suspended also? I would think an Instant Suspension would apply to both.

    Also, there is no direct provision to apply for a 1 point year in NSW when on L's or P's. The alternative is to take it to Court.
  15. In Victoria you lose the lot, I walked for 8 months last year, I lost every thing I had, It would have been nice to retain my car licence which had no points on it, or my truck licence, Then I could have got a job.
  16. This is neither Victoria, nor does the OP possess a full license for either mode.
    It's quite different under both circumstances...
  17. Sure you lost 7 points? Did you have points off before this?
    Check the points system at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/i...ints.browsehandler&category=Speeding&offence=
    and go into MyRecords to check everything for your licensing.
  18. yeah it was an instant suspension on from driving or riding on the road

    as for checking the my records i can't as the copper has taken my actual license and i have looked all over the paper and i can't find anything about how many dermit point it was wroth

    and no i have never lost points before
  19. i just looked thought the RTA demerit point and fine stuff and i think i might have only lost 6 point making this a whole lot better