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Second ride, almost first fall.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mormegil, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. First ride in actual traffic today. And almost my first fall.

    Went out to the industrial estate again with my brother in law. Did laps around the carparks and went up and down the street, practicing turns and engine braking and indicating. My shifting is still a little rough but I didn't stall it today. So it's all going smoothly.

    We head home. Only this time, I'm on the bike alone, brother in law is following behind. I get to the first intersection. No traffic, nothing is in any way more complex than what I'd just been rehearsing. Still not clear on what happened - I think I took off too fast, panicked, grabbed the clutch, failed to release the throttle. So I end up on the other side of the road with the bike rolling to a stop but screaming like a banshee, me on top legs flailing. I get my act together and stop, get it into neutral, few deep breaths, thumbs up to the brother in law, back on the road. Rest of the journey is fine, even with the addition of other cars.

    So I remain meat side up, rubber side down, but a little bit embarrassed.
  2. Just don't do it again and you'll be right :).
  3. That's the shot - as long as it's just your pride that's a little sore and that's all :) - back on the steel horse and all that!
  4. my second time i rode in traffic, i dropped the bike on my foot in the middle of the road, now that was embarrasing. sh!t happens :grin:
  5. i did the same only i let the clutch out and dumped the bike across the road.

    good to hear you had better luck :)

    just take it easy and confidence will get there. It's what i'm doing.
  6. Hehe, thats the exact same thing I did on the last 'assessment' I did on my prelearner course at HART. I was so nervous about doing it right that coming around the last corner I just had the clutch off, and revved, but the noise freaked my already confused self, so I revved harder, then got more paniced, so I let off the clutch and boom off I went (almost into a wall), until I pulled in the clutch and breaked, pulling up to the finish, very, very embarrassed. :D Good to hear I'm not the only one who's made similar mistake
  7. Those are some Batman powers right there. :)

    Wow, good effort in keeping it up. The first dozen or so rides are usually quite tough cos you are aware of all the things you have to get right, but can't quite get them together. :)
  8. I'm not laughing AT you, but that description was hillarious! lol

    I did worse, I was riding around on my second day and went past a couple of school kids who gave me the thumbs up (i own an attention whore of a bike), then at the next intersection, i lost my left footing and dropped it

    what's even worse, i couldn't pick the bastard up, haha!
  9. ok when stuff like that happens, as soon as you pull over start looking over the bike as if to pretend there is something wrong with it. fiddle with some cables or something. then people will think "oh what a great rider, he bike nearly exploded and he managed to stay upside-up, i might give him my number and maybe we can make out on the beach sometime" trust me man it works. ;)
  10. I think there might have been a kid watching me from a front yard so my bungling didn't go unobserved either :)

    And of course my brother in law was watching - he said he was sure I'd totally lost it and was about to stack it. I was pretty convinced of that myself until I got the thing stopped.
  11. lol@breno
  12. Hey Mormegil,
    It seems were at almost the exact same stage in riding ability. Took the bike for my third ride down the toowoomba range yesterday. (My first ride was up it). Haven't had even 1 scary moment yet. Amazing. Had my first car try and push me off the road tho.
  13. ha ha, priceless advice Breno :LOL: . I'll remember that one for when I stuff up, gotta happen sooner or later.
  14. Heh, on one of my first rides i approached a bend at 70 when the sign suggested 30 :\ ... got a wee bit scratched and bruised hahah
    BUT i maintain my innocence because the bend doesnt actually look like a 90degree corner when you approach it; sneaky
  15. Ha ha ha... all this is just too familiar.

    My 3rd day on the roads started with me going up my boyfriend's driveway that is steep & turns, then going over a gutter to turn onto a street when the camber changes...and the street is split with a wall in the centre coz it's on a hill. Anyway, somehow I got up the driveway nicely, but then before I knew it I had launched myself over the road up the footpath sized ledge and wedged into the wall opposite the driveway. I was still upright!
    "@#$k - now I have to reverse off this thing!"

    Somehow I managed. I taped up the hanging indicator and then had a good day. But at the time I really questioned my abilities, coz I only just recovered from dropping the bike on my foot at the top of the same driveway on my first day. I hated that street & driveway.

    Yeah - I was SO crap when I started, but I kept getting out there and learned heaps each day. Same will happen for you, Mormegil. Won't be long before it comes more naturally to you.

    Breno, I love your idea!
  16. lol pinkxie, taped up the indcator (y)

    my first bike was held together with gaffa tape that i painted white to keep the fairings together, cable ties to keep the fairings on and i found white tape to hold the mirror in place.

    there isnt nothing you cant mend with some gaffa tape, cable ties, and a paper clip.
  17. As funny as it seems I had a guy T-bone me while I was doing my L's, I was parked he was doing the exact same thing as you!
    Not happy Jan!

    It sounds like your hand throttle position is incorrect!
    You need to have you knuckles in a higher position so that when you reach for the brake the throttle is fully closed!

    Have a safe one!

  18. Good tip.

    I've got my qride course this weekend so hopefully they'll pick up on stuff like that - I do feel better having had a couple of rides before going in though.
  19. Everyone stuffs up.

    I fudged it going through a roundabout (friggin' people and roundabouts!!!) on the TU and wound up on the grass, still upright but scared as sh!t.

    You'll get there.

    Kudos on staying up!
  20. lol - i think when we all start out we have some close calls.

    my first time on the bike riding by myself, riding along a quite road approaching a round about. Go in to quick, im sh1ting myself and end up not making it through but mounting the kerb onto the footpath.

    I quickly jumped off and had a cigerette to calm down the nerves.