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Second Poll regarding muarc study

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. In light of this thread in the MRA forum I'm adding 2 polls here as well.

  2. I clicked No before I properly read the question..

    Having said that it's not a very good question.
    "Do most Victorian drivers" - I have no freaking clue, I certainly don't.
    "on some country roads" - I'm sure you could pull out a picture of a terrible road on which most people would agree the speed limit should be reduced.

    I guess the problem is it heads towards "let's lower speed limits on most country roads" a bit too easily for my liking...
  3. That pretty much sums up the problems with the MUARC 'research'. Have a read of the thread.
  4. well thats a stupid question, do i think the majority, i have nfi what the majority think....rephase it to say "do you believe the limit should be lowered"
  5. I don't think it's a stupid question. More like Smee taking the p^ss out of MU and using a loaded question like MU does. I found it quite funny personally =D>=D>
  6. yeah it wasn't a swipe at smee, as he toke t straight of the mra website, just that you can't post over there
  7. Yes it was a loaded question taken from the mra site just like muarc load their questions, and Stew is correct since we cant post over there i set it up here as well.
  8. I think Grant set that one up - of course it's loaded :)

    And you can alwways sign up to post (just like here)
  9. You don't need to sign up to vote though :D
  10. What about a poll along the lines of "Do you believe MUARC research is an unscientific crock of ..."