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Second LAMS bike. What to get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Gday all. After serving my time....its now time AGAIN for me to get another bike.

    What would be a good bike to get for my learners?
    I had a CBR250R and it was "ok" for a 20 year old bike....It seemed mechanically fine for its age but i was always hesitant to get it up in the higher revs around the meat of the band.

    Anyway is there anything with more torquey then a CBR250R for my next bike?

    Is it true you can get restricted GSXR's then derestrict them after you have finished your learners?

    I never really looked at other bikes other then 250's so it would be great to see what you guys can point me towards!

    Ignore budget at the moment, more looking for best bang for buck.

  2. gs 500

    just look at the lams list. if i had my time again (and there was lams) I wouldve started on a dr or drz
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    Alright cheers fellas. And man you's replay quick!

    What do you guys think about the NSR150? (Had a YZ250F sold it off for a YZ125, so i dont mind the smokers)

    Thing about the DRZ400, its a Trail bike. I currently own a dirt bike and have just got around to Rec Reg'ng it, plus my old man owns a TTR250 which he would let me ride on the road, but there really isn't a huge difference between them. So it seems silly to get another dirt bike.

    I feel, Dirt bikes are for dirt exclusivley.
    And Road bikes are for the road ;)

    road/trail bikes are fun but you see my point in this situation i hope.

    EDIT: OMG! sorry i didn't realise the drz u were talking about was the Motard version. And OMFG it looks attractive in this video... [media=youtube]fYu7DQn5vAI[/media]
  4. i see what you mean. I have dirt bikes as well (2strokes too). but after owning (for the road) a dr800sm and ktm 525 SM and riding 400sm, husky 610sm and drz/klx 250's on the road i think they are the most fun since sliced bread.

    light weight, torquey single power, popping the front, sliding the rear, curbs, stairs, pedestrian bridges.

    so much more fun than a cbr/zxr/nsrrrr

    but each to their own.
  5. Yeah, I'm hard at work.

    Dunno on the NSR, seems a bit under powered on paper. RS250 or RGV250 would be a barrel of fun, but you can't ride them (legally).

    RVF400 I'm told has the most power, only just coming in under the 150kw/ton ratio, so if you & your gear & petrol weigh less than 90kg you're up! Apparently they also handle very well.

    On the DRZ400, one word: Supermotard. :)
  6. You guys make a good point about the Sm's.

    Whats a ballpark figure on a motard price? I did really enjoy the CBR on the road. In the corners it was fantastic fun.

    Im a bit intimidated about learning to slide the rear on a motard
  7. you dont have to slide it.

    theres a gocart track in melbourne that you can ride SM on just about any day of the week for $35 (compared to $200 and well outside melbourne for sportsbikes)

    for a 400sm you are realisticly looking 5+. i know theres a good low km one going atm that you could get for ~6k.

    pics of me at The Track in south morang. But really its up to you to find the style of bike you like

  8. South Morang. Im just round the corner from there. Well about 15mins away ;)

    the DRZ400SM isn't listed on the LAMS page but it has the DRZ400 and DR400?
    So you guys sure the DRZ is legal?

    How do these things go in the corners, ive never ridden a motard before. In say comparison to a cbr/zzr type bike
  9. yes drz400sm is LAMS approved. Garunteed.

    If ridden properly they corner better than RR bikes at low speeds anyway. as they are light weight and wide bars make them flickable. higher speeds is another thing and depends on suspension setup, but motards arent about hight speeds.

    Quite a few of the Sunday moto GP coffee people might remember getting round up and pantsed on the boulevard by my 20 year old 40 odd hp 210kg oil burning dr800 :D, passing ducati 848 ,gsxr750... ect

    but its not a fair comparrison as cheffie was still blitzed me on his sv1000 but thats just all rider skill.
  10. Hmmm.
    Well ive ridden dirt bikes, so how do these go ont he road? Are they basically like riding a dirt bike but on the road? Or is it a completely different feeling and require learning a few different skills?
  11. Why dont you go find out?

    No better way than to jump on one and see how it goes. From looking at pictures you can get a general idea of the weight distribution/seating etc.

  12. So.....what dealers let me go and test ride them! Ha ha not many id imagine :(

    Im lookin around at a few, man they are pricey.....anybody got any other recommendations that are not very pricey. Remember im still a student with bugger all money coming in!
  13. Found a few cheap GPX 250's on bikesales. All 200x models, I didn't even know they still made them?
    A few say 2007 models....Is that actually made in 2007 or just 2007 compliance...i know some crappy shops did that with alot of CBR's to try and fool people who didn't know.
  14. GPX's were made up until last year or the one before as far as I'm aware - the dealers certainly stocked them until then, at least. A GPX is basically the new Ninja without the fancy plastic and $8k ticket price, same engine and running gear underneath. They are still a high performance 250 though, so don't expect a world of difference from the CBR.

    I'd certainly recommend a DRZ400 for a second bike, rode one for a while when I first got my L's. High position, good torque and heaps of fun. Take your Dad's TTR for a spin on the road if he will let you and see how it goes.

    You could also join the classic club and fix up an older bike like I'm doing at the moment. Cheap to buy and fix, and they're something different. Again, lots of fun. Something to think about if you're on a budget.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. Hmmm that sounds interesting boringk, what sort of bike are you fixing up?
    Those GPX's are within my price range and at best are only a couple of years old with bugger all km's on them....im getting ancy and finding one of them hard to pass up!

    Ive ridden my old mans TTR around the block and on a few trails, not sure if i would like it on the road. I assume a Super motard would handle similar? though could be fun! Just the DRZ's seem a bit expensive.... at least compared to a GPX.

    But it does give me another option to think about...

    Oh and is there a way to make sure that the bike you are buying is 100% what it is advertised Year wise, i know with my dirt bikes i can check the frame number and i think its the 10th and 11th digits that will tell me the year it was made. I assume road bikes have a plate or something similar?
  16. I think the GPX was only discontinued in 2008(?), AFAIK, there aren't any grey imports. Could be wrong on that one though...
  17. Well if thats the case it seems like a decent buy for the money. Late model bike, low km's, should be great!

    Do the handle similar to a CBR250R, as thats what i used to have? I loved leaning through corners :)
  18. You want to do a REV's check on the bike with its VIN and rego number. This will tell you if its ever been written off, has money owing on it, etc. Do it before every potential purchase. [revs.com.au]

    As for the handling aspect, they handle quite well. I'm only going off the testimony of a mate, but he loved his and only recently upgraded to a ZX-6. So yes, you'll still have good handling. Possibly better, as you'll have 2 less cylinders to worry about in terms of weight.

    I'm fixing up a Suzuki GS850g, an old 4cyl air-cooled monster from 30 years ago. Got it for a song and it has plenty of life left in it. Should have it on the road and regod for under 2k total. The latest photos are on my build log which you can find here: Click for log

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Oh very nice!
    I just saw the "ride for the hills" ride coming up...I want to be a part of that, so im going to have to go bike hunting. But i think a GPX250 will be fine for me while im on my learners...everything is much of a muchness while being a "L" plater.

    The Revs link you posted isn't working? Are these free checks or do you have to pay per check?