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Second Helmet - From KBC to Shoeis

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by takagawa, May 25, 2005.

  1. I'm shopping for a new helmet, and I'm gonna put some good money into a good (safety) investment.

    My previous helmet was a KBC VR-1 and it was a perfect fit for my head. So I've been eyeing the Shoei's since I've been told they've got a similiar head mould. Could anyone recommend? I'd looking for something that blocks out sound a bit of wind noise, and stable during long stints at freeway speeds. I can't go over $700 unfortunately.

  2. Shoei Helmets on MCAS

    I personally have a Shoei X-Tec, which i belive has now been replaced by the x-Eleven or something like that. For the money (~$350) it was the best helmet i could get. Very very comfortable, surprisingly stable at high speeds (well up to ~180km/h.. poor lil 2fiddy), and i guess moderate sound dampening. Even still, on any decent ride i ALWAYS wear plugs.

    For $700 i'm sure you could get a nice Shoei TZR with graphics, or an even higher model without graphics.
  3. you dont have to spend a fortune on a good lid, money doesnt maketh the man. or the helmet. and wot sort of plugs you wear koma. stayfree or ladysan.

    if ya want graphics take it to an airbrush artist still get helmet and graphics at a decent price.
  4. Go for fit over brand.
    I slammed my head in to a BIG rock during an offroad excursion and I can definitely vouch for the KBC'c construction.I Bought another VR-1 the next day! I found they do have a bit higher wind noise than the shark helmet I had before but you cant go wrong if you have a good set of earplugs.
  5. You only have to wear plugs cause your pipe is to LOUD and you spend way too much time at 18,000 RPM :p
  6. if you have a Shoei head, also try HJC and Suomy

    speding $200 or $700 isnt going to save your head in a crash, but it will reduce wind noise and be more comfortable
  7. Then I'll spend $8 for a 4lt tub of ice-cream, a warm beanie and a pair of 50c ear plugs shall I? :p

  8. arhhhh, I see where your coming from :)

    $200 or $700 isnt going to be any different to your head in a crash, but it will reduce wind noise and be more comfortable
  9. Hehe, pish posh... my pipe isnt loud; its just making it opinion and current status known. Anyway, its drowned out by wind noise over about 150 or so. :p
    As for the rev range... most of the time i go flying past you its in its sweet spot at about 14krpm... above that and its just that banshee noise you've learnt to listen out for. :D
  10. This probably doesn't need to be in a thread of it's own so I'll tack it on the end here...

    Are off road helmets (motocross, dirt, trail riding, whatever you want to call them) made to the same standards as on road helmets? Is it advisable to wear one on the road, and if not, why not? Cheers.
  11. Not sure on the standards but i've heard of some nasty stories involving MotoX helmet chin pieces getting smashed in causing extensive facial injuries. IMHO there is no substitute for a fully enclosed road helmet if your riding on the road.
  12. i have a KBC tk8 fuel, i think its a great helmet :)
  13. Shoei xr1000 is about 650 to 750 when on special. I have the x11, and find it drows out outside noise, but still has a bit of wind noise, but then it does feel like a little fan is sitting right above your head and keeping you cool.

    I find the HJC very similar to the shoei in fit..
  14. yep, the chin on motoX helmets is designed for impacts into dirt or grass. i have also seen what hitting the road in a motoX helmet can do - one broken jaw that had to be wired for 3 months :?