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Second helmet for chick

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julien, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys

    I was thinking of buying a second helmet so that I can ocassionally take my girlfriends as pillions.

    How do I go about doing that? How much is it wise to spend?

    Size and shape of the helmet (different brands have different shapes) matter a lot so how do I pick a helmet that is going to fit on most chicks?

    I would appreciate any help.
  2. How much is your girlfriends head worth.........

  3. I've heard that a lot but at the end of the day if a helmet complies with the Australian standard it wiil do the job as well as any other helmet. Isn't that correct? People then pay extra for fancy colours/designs and then added comfort etc.
  4. Its not her head I'd be wanting to protect most, invest in a good jacket :)
  5. The standards are a minimum, so not necessarily.
  6. I saw a helmet impact test a little while ago and was shocked at the difference in protection afforded by different brands... They basically strapped each helmet to a crash test dummy then smacked it in the head with a simulated ~60km impact... Helmets ranged in price from $99 to near on $1000 and all met Oz Standards - ALL bar one of the cheap helmets failed catastrophically... All of your $400+ helmets stood up with varying degrees of non-fatal damage...
  7. A helmet is absolutley no use if it doesn't fit properly.

    Take her shopping with you, have her try on different helmets, buy the one that fits. If she's not comfortable, she won't want to pillion with you.
  8. How many do you have? :wink:
  9. This is the main point - he either hasn't got one yet or he plans on changing them frequently! And he wants ONE helmet to fit all!

    Dude, if I was you I'd invest in a cricket protector first...;)
  10. Link???
  11. Sometime back, I bought a decent Shark helmet for my then partner. She's gone but I still have the helmet and use it for any female/male pillion that fits a small Shark lid.

    I have a few used L and XL helmets that I don't wear any more and they are spare lids for larger heads.

    It's true they don't work as well if they're not a good fit, but they're better than nothing and since I modify how I ride with a pillion, I think the risks are suitably managed.

    When I properly partner up again she will either already ride or will end up with her own helmet...
  12. That is 100% pure Netrider gold right there.
  13. LOL I second that!!!

  14. Was on TV, ABC I think... The show was initially with the issue of wearing helmets in cars... They did the tests then talked about the probable differing outcomes for car drivers V's bike riders, related to impact points and so on...
  15. AMA Warehouse in Qld is doing a good deal. 2 x Nitro 311 helmets for $99

    No, I don't work for them, I just found the ad in Cycle Torque.
  16. I agree with what robsalvv said, you can get yourself a cheapie helmet, perhaps open face and medium size

    Just so that if you take a pillion without prior planning they have SOMETHING to wear, and just be extra careful knowing you now have their safety to look after as well as your own

    But if you had a girlfriend whom you took on the bike frequently, get them a decent, proper fitting helmet to use.

  17. Open face? Because women are the least likely to get upset about a little gravel rash on the face? :roll:
  18. Women are also more likely to complain about full face helmets being too closed in and claustrophobic.. or heavy

    ..plus she wont sleep with you if you crash anyway, regardless of the gravel embedded in her eye sockets
  19. why dont u just buy the helmet and then only choose girls that fits the helmet?
  20. Well now we're just getting into phrenology. He'd have to buy the right shaped helmet for his 'type' of girl.