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Second hand VTR250 advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by voytek, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    yesterday I was looking at a second hand VTR250 to buy. I left with some question marks. One of them is where to look for an engine number? Had a look on both sides and somehow missed it. I've found a number that looked a bit like an engine number but was engraved into the frame, just next to the VIN. Does anyone know what that was? It did not match the engine number on the rego sticker, but had a similar format :-k .

    Another thing, is it easy for a bike handy person to mess with the odometer? Can I, somehow, check that the current reading is true? Or could a used odometer be bought at the wreckers and then mounted onto an oldish bike? The owner (3rd owner) could not show me any service history docs :-k .

    Otherwise the bike seemed quite nice.


  2. mmmmm service history is king when it comes to second hand bikes or cars for that matter. I've never bought a car without service history and personally i wouldnt buy a bike without it either.

    as for the odo, if the numbers dont line up nicely, it is often an indication that someone could have fudged it. As for replacing an odo, i assume it could be don but dont really know how.
  3. The engine number is on the block just above the sump on the stand side of the bike. The VIN is a sticker on the other side of the bike near the coolant reservoir and also a small plate pop rivited to the frame near seat.
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  5. Yes, I know, I'm considering it, too. It's just that the other one has got a VERY attractive pricetag. Well, I know, it in itself could be an indication of something not quite right ...
  6. ill sell you mine, new tyres 12 months reg, 99 model, almost time for upgrade :D
  7. Thanks for the info guys. In the end I've given up on that dodgy one. Yesterday I put a deposit :deal: onto a newer one with clean cut history and only 3.4k on the clock. Hope to ride it soon \:D/ . BTW big thanks to lordtb for helping me with the inspection and the deal.
  8. Congratulations :grin: look forward to seeing you out on the road - whether I be on the Monster or the VTR - still like to ride it :)