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Second-hand shop find

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Brwosing, (as I often DON'T) through a local second-hand shop this afternoon, I came across Edition 1. Australian Motorcycling Year, 1983/84. I don't know how many of these were printed, or how long the annual ran, but I don't think anyone would object if I scan and post up some of the pictures from it.

    Here's La Croz, hooning it up on a borrowed, street-registered Z1-R Kawaskai at one of our Road Closure meetings, at Macarthur, ACT, in 1978.

    Croz at Macarthur 1.
  2. I used to live in Macarthur - I remember when we started building our house I was curious why there were grid positions and start finish lines on Jackie howe circuit ( the road that circumnavigates the suburb

    Later I found it it used to be used as a motorcyle track

    How is it the federal Government agreed to this use ?
  3. What a fabulous shot. That was at the very first road closure, October 1977; Croz's bike was on the docks being held up by Customs after he'd taken it to the Bol d 'Or, so John Fizgerald, who ran the workshop at the Kawasaki dealership in Fyshwick, lent him the Z1R instead and he and Terry Turner spent the whole meeting hooning around the back of the pack pulling ridiculous wheelies like that one.

    As for the story of how we came to do it, it's amazing, but true. We simply asked and they said, "Yes." Really.
  4. It's a long story :). We (Canberra Road Racing Club) ran (I think) 5 race meetings on Macarthur, all with the full cooperation of the NCDC and the Police. Ther story of quite a few of them are found here in the racing and Motorsports Forum. I recently documented the last meeting we held, and how the government allowed the removal of a traffic Island leading off Coyne Street, so we could run sidecars, and how they later 'let us off' with re-instating it!!

    The book from which the shot is taken has a feature article on Greg McBean, and the picture, I am happy to credit, is one of his; one of the best motorsport photographers that this country has seen.
  5. So what has happened to people in positions of authority that they no longer can do such things
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  7. Edition one was all there ever was. Think I bought my copy at Bathurst.
  8. $5 is a bargain, then??

    Governments and bureaucrats are too spineless to take risks like that these days....
  9. They got biatch-slapped and their balls dropped off.

    Back in the day, the car rally guys used to do this kind of thing all the time. Never caused any problems, until the public liability insurance crisis came along.
  10. i guess people started having more kids and adopting more kittens
  11. It's the result of a litigious society; people seem to think they can sue anyone for damages that would have never before been sustained in any court. I'm young, but I can already see the change in people's attitudes towards the general sentiment that nothing is ever their fault.

    It's depressing as shit.

    It makes me split traffic with a vengeance, because at least if I get into strife, I know it'll be my bloody fault!
  12. I think the ill-fated TT races at Port Kembla in the mid-90's was probably the last that we'll see of closed public street races (not counting the taxis at Homebush Bay, of course). Even those races came close to being called off because one disaffected resident complained to the local police sergeant and the whole meeting nearly got cancelled. It was much freer and easier back in the 70's.

    BTW, they used to close off public streets and run races around Perth somewhere years ago; do they still do that?
  13. they still do it in melbourne :p
  14. The original price was $22.50. Very expensive.
    It was meant to be a companion volume to the James Hardie 1000 (same publisher)
    Inside the front cover of my copy the $22.50 is in pencil and this has been crossed out and $6.95 written in.
    If it is in good condition, you do have a collectable bargain!