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Second hand bike purchase ZZR-250 95 with scuffs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rcdarkangel, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am not sure if this belongs here but here goes. I have been looking at purchasing a zzr-250 and I found one which is within my price range with road worthy and whatnot however there is one problem.

    The bike is in A1 condition mechanically however the bike was crashed before the current owner had it. This has resulted in some rather large scrapes on both sides of the bike. It is a red bike and the scuffs are somewhat large and white.

    Now bear in mind I am not that sure if I mind the scuffs being a learner (almost) rider so I am looking into purchasing it. However my question is if I did want to look at fixing it how much would it cost for repair replacement? Its a 95 model.

    Also do you think its worth purchasing at the price which is about 2900?

    Thanks for any input guys im not to great at the whole pricing accesories things and how much things should be worth.
  2. As I was waiting page to load I was thinking of a reasonable price for scuffed 95 model. I thought 2500-3000. Unscuffed would be 3-4.
  3. I should also add that the seller has been great, even offered to bring it to my location for a little more.
  4. Get it checked out by one of our friendly Sydney side Netriders, but on the face of it sounds reasonable.
  5. go for it.
    ive stacked my gpx twice (tryin to show of) doesnt hurt it mechanicly.
    I think ur up for about 1000 for a repaint. But the owner sounds like he has lower the price accordinggly already.
  6. Try your hand at spray painting :D. I dont find it excessively hard, but you pbly wont get that great of a finish. My only tip is: Get the primer right. The better the primer layer, the better the finished product. Also get used to sanding.

    If you do want to give it a go, practice before doing it on your precious. IE go down to a bike wreckers and find the cheapest piece of fairing you can (from any bike), drag it along the bitumen, then fix it up. Once as you have practiced the bejebus out of your dodgy fairing, make it look good once more with standard colours and try to sell it on ebay, if it sells, you did a good job :D.
  7. Or you can talk to me or pm me im an ex spraypainter of 28 years and im starting repairing bikes etc from home as a side line . in real terms depending on how bad scratches are i would say somewhere round $5 -$600 tops for it to look like new again
    Cheers Bob
  8. one point to think about is if you buy it, make sure it is damn cheap, because for you to get good resale, you will probably have to repair it, so factor that cost in.
  9. lets face it, youre probably going to stack it anyway... scratches/scuffs are a respect/talking point... perhaps buy it, ride it, love it, then when youre confident, spray it again... I love damaged bikes!
  10. Agreed. You're probably going to drop it too so just leave the scratches - they give a bike character and show that you've used it.
  11. It is doubtfull after the amount of time spent riding that I will drop it. I see where you are all coming from but jeez I have been riding since I was 6 and have not managed to drop a bike in that time. I just dont get it :)

    That being said though these road bikes are about 4 times heavier almost I would say so I could possibly see where the complication arises.

    Oh I should probally mention that I bought it :( Might not be the worlds best decision however it means that at least come friday if I pass I can ride!
  12. Yeah I love all the posts about how "you are gonna drop it". Not everybody is gonna drop it!

    Seems that maybe some people themselves dropped it, and want others to as well.
  13. Ummm... no matter how good/careful/confident you are, sooner or later it will probably happen... It has nothing to do with skill or safety at all. What happens if: Chain breaks/tyre blowout/oil/deisel/gravel/glass/leaves/sand/dirt/debris/pothole, animal/person runs out, driver error, mechanical failure... could keep going...

    And as far as time on the bike goes, i knocked up 160,000kms in two years doing courier work and rec rides, and still managed to have monthly off's. I wish you and all other riders that havent binned it luck, and hope that you never crash... There are alot of riders out there that never have, and some never will.
  14. I hear what you are saying, the more you ride (in your case 160km in 2 years) the better your chances of an off. Now just to be clear, this will not mean all couriers are the same, but I have seen some in Sydney, that deserve to have an off, they ride like fcukwits!

    Even given the km you have travelled, if you have an off a month, you need to start looking at why. We can't control road surface, oil, diesel, other people etc etc, but we can do OUR best to minimise the risk of dropping it, and that is our own common sense, roadcraft etc, but it comes with no guarantee. Afterall, the odds are you won't drop it, because in any given day, more people won't drop a bike compared to those that do.
  16. Mate's old man rode around Sydney for close on 25 years as daily transport when it wasn't raining heavily.
    Teh only drops he had were at traffic lights etc, when he lost his footing.
    The thing controlling drops is between your ears, use it well and it lessens your chances significantly.
    Having said that, I have dropped two bikes, once each. Both times on my property moving the bike, and not ensuring I had decent footing/trying to be stronger than I was.
    My point of view is this: it's a bike you will be learning on. As soon as you are off restrictions, it's outta there, so just buy something reliable.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Oh I thought we were talking about just being stupid and standing their and having it drop or moving and haveing it drop. I have come off a few times in my years I can admit that :)