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second flat battery

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by simon varley, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Yvonne doesn't ride her GS500 much at the moment and the battery has drained for the second time. How many times can I recharge it before it's not going to hold charge any more?

    It's literally been months between rides. The GS doesn't have anything that would drain the battery so I'm guessing this is normal. Or should I be looking to fix an earthing problem?

    Does anyone have any experience using a solar trickle charger. Supercheap have a 1.5W one for $21.95 at the moment. Is this powerful enough to keep the battery topped up?


    I really should know all this - engines and mechanics I can cope with but I've never got my hed around auto electrics. I can flash a PCM at work, but we've got electricians to work out why the test cars won't start...
  2. I went through this recently. I bought the solar charger but it didn’t really do much as the battery was cactus. Get the battery properly tested then you will know for sure. If it’s okay then the charger should help.
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  3. Get the battery tested as SRA said, if the battery is old it may have a lot of self discharge. It is possible you have a load on the battery when it is off. Disconnect the battery when it is in storage to check if it still goes flat. Discharging to flat will damage normal automotive batteries.

    In the longer term if the bike is ridden infrequently get a multistage battery tender like something from the Ctek range.

    http://www.ctek.nu/au/en/chargers/XS 0.8
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  4. The battery in my GS500 goes flat in 2 weeks of no use.
    I've always suspected there is a short in the wiring somewhere.
    But if its just because the battery is "old" then I may get that checked out, cheers for the info.
  5. Speaking aqs someone who routinely abuses batteries, you should be able to recharge it from dead flat quite a few times before it's too knackered to persist with. However, leaving it flat for long periods could stuff it in only a couple of goes.

    Anyway, it wouldn't be a real Suzuki if it didn't have at least some battery/charging system problems :D.
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  6. 2 things
    Battery terminals if therr not clean can still work
    Under load (starting) but may not conduct low
    Amp charge (riding / driving ).
    Which means a ride actualy flattens battery

    Second , if u get it checked charge up first