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Second Bike - What would you do?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    So i've had my gpx250r for a good 14 months. Its time to upgrade. Im looking for a bike that is reliable, although fun and sporty. Basically i want to spend as least money as i can, although still have a bike that is less than a decade old. This is basically a "stepping stone" bike that i want to buy (keep it for 2-3 years).

    Seeing my circumstances, im really stuck between: Do i buy a bike i really want (like a gsxr) with more kilometres (40,000kms) or do i buy a naked (like a z750) with less kilometres.

    Basically the 2 bikes im looking at:

    2002 GSXR

    2004 Z750

    I would prefer the gsxr, but what really turns me off from the gsxr is the KMs. Once i use it for 2-3 years, itll be well into 60-70kkms. Then i think about how hard itll be to sell, and how much id get for it.

    With the Z, itd have 35-45kkms and i believe it should be easier to sell.

    My last choice is to wait 1 year until i have a full time job and spend 6-7k on a newer bike.

    Brain vs Heart......What would you guys do in this type of circumstance?
  2. Follow your heart... its only money and you'll have more fun on something you really want. rather than something you made a concession on.
  3. I have found that the age of the bike is also a factor on the resale and 10 years old is where they drop in value. I think that this is due to parts support being less after 10 years an ctp insurance changes at this time.

    So I would get the z.
  4. +1
  5. If the GSXR has been looked after it's got another 100,000+ kms in it. Buy it and run it 'til it dies. Stuff resale.
  6. I like how PatB thinks ;) Corrupt - great advice mate, couldn't have put it better myself (y)
  7. 40,000km is sod all if its been treated well, as PatB said very well a few posts up. Ask the fellow if its got its service booklet still with it, and what servicing he's been giving it.

    - boingk
  8. The Gixxer will also make a great track bike for someone, at some point ;)
  9. And why shouldn't it be you? Resale on a $4K bike isn't worth worrying about. IMO buy the zuki, run it on road for a couple of years. Buy your next road bike when you are ready and keep the Gixxer as an unregistered track bike. Easy.
  10. naked with fewer kms, but then, I'm biased :p :LOL:
  11. Well, the gixxer hasnt been ridden in 5 months (owner went interstate - parents are selling it)

    no logbooks

    Although its got new rear tyre, service, roadworthy, etc. And a nice yoshi pipe :)

    I really want to look at it, but i cant afford to buy it before i sell my bike. (my bro offered to help out - but i really dont wanna take his cash when he needs it more than me)

    Im thinking about taking my gpx250 to a dealer and seeing what i can get for it :S (2005, 29,000kms, scratches on left side fairing)

    But certainly.... that "keep it for as long as u can, then track it" sounds like a good idea :)
  12. 40k kms is nothing if taken care of. But I can understand your issue is less about that and more about other peoples perceptions, and thus resale. I'd go as cheap as possible if concerned with resale, because even at 60-70k kms it wouldn't depreciate to less than 3k.

    3 years ago I did the same with my 02 zzr250 with about 25k kms on it, in perfect condition. They offered me 1500. I just laughed and walked away, at which point they said they could stretch it to 2000.

    I sold it for 4400.

    If its scratched up the dealer might not want it at all. Sell it privately.
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  14. get the gsxr man :D
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  16. Eight year old bike. Been standing so the battery might be goosed and tyres possibly flatspotted. Offer 'em three and meet in the middle. As others have said, depreciation will be stuff all on a <$4k bike.

    Don't try to sell your bike to a dealer. It will only make you cross.
  17. Id take the Z, newer and less kays. Gixer has plenty of life left in it though. Sell your bike privately, summers coming up
  18. The K2 Gixxer what a wonderful tempting mistress............

    Mark my words no matter what condition she is in, with in 14000kms or more likely 10000kms the stator will go.

    The bad - around $800 new

    The good - there's a rewind wizard in the Central Coast of NSW - around $230

    But once you have thrown your leg over a Gixxer you just might be smitten............
  19. I speak with much bias, so definitely what c0rrupt said (y)
  20. No idea what the hell you just wrote there...

    EDIT: ok just wiki'd what a stator was....