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Second Bike on a budget.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rbarge, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. I'm looking to get a bigger bike with a small budget ha ha.

    So far I have been looking at a few VFR750's and a few smaller things, I seem to like the feel of the 750+ size (becuase I'm 6'4).

    Anyway I'm looking to spend around 4k, but could go to 5k (if I have to) for a sports tourer so far I like the look of the VFR's and the FJ1200's. Oh and have seen 87 GPZ with 60k on the clock, not sure if this is a good buy or not?

    What other models would you recomend me looking at?
  2. What's funny about that?

    For anything near four grand, that GPz750R better come with, like, three other bikes. For that kind of money, *anything* older than about 1992 is way overpriced.

    More info, please.

    Are you a n00b, or someone who's been stuck on that 250 Virago due to budgetary constraints?

    If you're after a sports-tourer and you have four, possibly five large to spend, bikes like the FZR1000, ZZ-R1100 (I won't recommend the CBR1000F because they look boring and dull), ZX-9R-B1/2 and Suzuki RF900 are in your price range. But they're all physically huge, heavy and powerful bikes which aren't the easiest things on the planet to ride (the FZR1000, in particular, is a bit of a monster; it's only a couple of hp down on the carbed R1). Thus, they're not something a n00b coming off one of the most gutless 250's out there should be looking at.

    For a n00b, ZZ-R600's (I rode a fairly spotless '93 model here in Canberra the other day that was going for $4000 with a rack, bag and Bagster tank cover), CBR600F2/3's and, yes, VFR750's would be the puppies in that price range.
  3. I'm a n00b.
  4. ZZ-R600 for you, then, Sir...
  5. Thanks

    Seen lots of pre 89 stuff for around that price, good to know I can get something more recent for that cash.

    I guess I have seen loads of overpriced old bikes becuase there the ones that don't sell!
  6. Have you looked in the Bikes For sale at the 95 zx9r for 4k?

    EDIT: Oh he ahs already posted it himeself above :) Soz i didnt see that.
  7. All the bikes I like the look og are in NSW or VIC :(