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Second Bike - Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Levih, May 23, 2010.

  1. So March 23th i bought myself a Ninja 650RL 2010 model... AND I LOOOVE IT.

    Derestricted it and its even better.

    The cornering on its great, first day I had it i was at the pacific highway with a average speed of 70-80k's, so fun!

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  2. I love that blue! Looks great on the Ninja 650 and 636.

    How many kilometres until reserve are you getting on the Pacific Highway? It seems like a smart and compact package, but I'm wondering if it would serve as a light-tourer?

    Happy riding mate!
  3. lol @ 23th :D

    congrats bud, wise choice as we knew what u wanted to buy :)
    should of came to the teammoto run today to show it off
  4. Twenty-thirth ?
  5. I thought that was canceled Goz? I woke up in lane cove and it was raining lol
  6. nah man, check out the thread in NSW, Marty and Andrea came also, and Paul came late as usual
  7. Hi Levih,

    Congrats on new bike - and great choice !!!

    Can you please provide details of mods and cost involved in achieving the Ninja 650RL de-restriction? And any "before" and "after" thoughts would be appreciated

    My shortlist is the Ninja 650RL or the Yamaha FZ6R ..... and I have read the thread below with great interest ..... having the option of converting the FZ6R for only $165 is appealing ... especially given that the mod can be removed simply in the future !!!


    Thanks in advance !!!
  8. Congrats Levih on the recent purchase. Have to agree with others : That blue looks insane - enjoy (y)
  9. Did that just involve removing the throttle butterfly restricting screw or is there more to it?

  10. U also have to snip the yellow wire that's under the pillion seat, it's a loop that sticks up.
  11. sure its not the red wire?

  12. ^ Yes the red wire is the booby trap wire
  13. Is this the wire that loops back into its plug, and is the only wire in that plug?
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys !!!

    After reading your comments I have reached the conclusion that ALL wiring on the bike has only being installed to increase weight .... this was necessary to meet the LAMS power to weight ratio ... so when I accept delivery of my new Hot Pink Ninja 650RL I will be removing all the wiring ..... and any nuts 'n' bolts that get in my way too !!!

    Seriously, for those interested I have now been told by a dealer mechanic that all Ninja 650's arrive in Australia with standard power (un-restricted) ... and the only mod made to LAMS bikes is the screw & bracket that limits throttle opening .... no computer change (as reported in an earlier thread).

    I hope this helps other newbie's like myself

  15. you are correct, if its for a Hyosung
  16. After reading Roaming Aussie's first paragraph in the post above, i removed all of my wiring. It wont start now, but sure goes downhills fast.

    Razor scooters, look out.

    Thanks for the advice guys!