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Second Bike Discussion

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Clayt0nB, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hey all, just wondering about your thoughts and opinions on the following:

    I currently have a CBR250R, love it, I ride it every day. ~ 50 Kay's a day including highway riding.

    Now, I get off my restrictions soon so I am still fairly new to riding and I am thinking about what to get when I get my full license...

    Obviously I want a supersport 600, gsxr or cbr are at the top of the list but I don't think that is the sensible idea. So I have been looking at something more sports touring like a fz6r or maybe a stripple? Should I be sensible? Am I overestimating a supersport? I do have my whole life ahead of me to ride, I am very much into the progression side of things and am keen to keep learning so what sort of step should I take?

    Keep in mind I'm 19 and I have a lot of temptation but don't want to kill myself. Hence trying to get something more exiting but slightly tamer.

    Anyway, just a discussion, interested in your experience and thoughts.


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  2. Blimey............ a 19 yo with common sense?

    Sure the fazer wouldn't be a bad option - be cheaper on the insurance too. Quite honestly anything will feel like a quick bike after that 250
  3. Haha cheers, yeah I know I should take some test rides but by almost off restrictions I mean a month.

    Was looking at something like cbr500r but I am keen to get something out of the lams market.
  4. Check out the cost of insurance for various models. At 19, that may very well decide the issue for you.
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  5. Or look at something like an ER6 with a manual restrictor. Get used to it restricted, remove the restrictor, have some fun and put it back when you sell it - at least you have the lams market open to you when you sell on.
  6. Coming off my Ninja 250 I was dead set on a gixxer600 or a busa, something supersports, When I test rode them I knew straight away that it wasn't a good move, the gixxer in particular was very uncomfortable for me.
    My partner was taking the daytona for a test ride at the same time so I decided to take the striple for a run even though I was not interested in it in the slightest. We ended up getting two!

    You really can't pick your second bike until you test ride it, I find the striple is plenty of power, a nice seating position and is everything I need for my first "big" bike. But plenty of people go straight to a supersport and love it.

    Happy test riding I say!!:love:
  7. Very good point I will have to keep insurance cost in mind, il have like 8-9k to spend so I have a decent amount of options.

    I don't mind the ER6, it would be a good option, I'll keep it in mind.

    Yeah I will be doing a lot of test riding so I'm sure all my views, opinions and research will fly out the window when I start testing but this discussion is for interest sake, also I'm interested in what you guys/girls have done in the past.
  8. GSX650F, perhaps? Whitey, as a bloke with a family to get home to, opted for one as a conservative step up from a VTR250. ~80hp and 241kg wet.

    Something left-of-field I would suggest is trying some motards. Completely different to what you have in mind, but that's part of my reasoning :p. They can be lots of fun, and being so different to what you've grown used to should shake things up a bit and help you learn.
  9. Gsx650f is a great one to look at too, I agree, it's in the same boat as a fz6r, or a cbr f4I but they are too old and all have like 70000+ Kay's so I'll stick to gsx650 and fz6r.

    Gsx seems to make a bit more power then the fz, at least I have something to compare with now.

    I love motards, I am short though, 170cm so I thought I'd make a motard maybe my 3rd or 3.5th bike. I learnt on a ktm500, before I got my license. Stupid idea, I couldn't even put my feet down. At least I got dropping it out of my system, because I have never dropped my cbr.
  10. The ER6n is a good little bike. If you can afford to upgrade the suspension and put decent tyres (eg. the better sport touring tyres) on it, it is a very good bike.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
    Yeah, I was always into naked bikes, I wanted a vtr but when I got a cbr instead my desire for them died and now I really want another fared beast. It is on my hypothetical research-and-keep-in-the-back-of-my-mind list though.

    Here's another one for you guys, sv650?

    Edit: I'm ashuming sv650f is just the same bike with clothes.
  12. I've got an SFV650 (Gladius). Same engine as the SV650 but slightly punchier with the torque.

    The SV650 is the naked. SV650S is bikini-faired. SFV650 is the Gladius which is a heavier but torquier version of the SV650 and different styling.

    Very fun bikes and perfect for going around town and through the twisties. I would highly recommend a test ride as the torque is addictive! It pulls pretty hard.
    Very powerful down low in the rev range and it doesn't let up either. Power is always there unlike the 4cyliner bikes that need to be revved to produce power.
  13. Here's my 2 bob's worth (at the age of 19, you are probably saying "WTF is he talking about?"


    Whilst I haven't upgraded yet, I like the Street Triple, Aprilia Shiver and BMW F800R - and a few you have mentioned. On a 500 now, I want to get a little more value for money from mine, but if the right change-over appears for the right bike, think I could easily be tempted! Good luck with your choices when the time comes for you. :)
  14. 'Busa or ZX14. A steep learning curve is a good learning curve.
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  15. Sat on a stripple and Daytona yesterday...... I want a Daytona!

    Jokes aside, the stripple feels really nice, same sort of position as my cbr and feels pretty light too, shame there are only like 4 on bikesales in qld.

    That z1000 in the for sales section looks mighty fine.
  16. *fills a bucket with water*
  17. You can kill yourself on a pushbike. Discipline is the key to riding any power bike.

    Spend your money on, and buy something that you will enjoy, not limiting that to what "power", or capacity it has. That's my opinion.

    The hardest thing is for you to decide what type of bike out of the myriad of bikes there are out there.