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Second bike choice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Oldteach, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Thinking of getting a second bike will be going to check them out on Saturday, but would like to hear from the more experienced, folks who have got them and have similar issues as myself (big bloke 6'4).

    The bikes currently on my hit list are;

    1. Vstrom 650
    2. Husqvarna TD650 Strada
    3. Honda VRF250L

    Disappointingly my legs don't seem to like the sports bike design, but would also like something nimble and quick-ish, hence the reasons looking at the Vstrom.

    So advice on these and any others that I may have missed?

    Cheers in advance
  2. 6'4"---get a V-max.
  3. Are you on lams? really little sense in owning multiple lams bikes unless one of the ones you own is a classic/interesting/special.

    Considering your yam 650 is none of those i would recommend selling your bike and buying a new one if you dont like it. Or saving your money and waiting until you can buy an unrestricted bike.
  4. Ride them and others. Buy the one you like the most.
  5. I'm 6'2" and ride a vstrom 650 (the wee) without any problems. I guess it depends on what you are after, but the strom is a good tourer with a long history of reliability. Heaps of them around, so parts are easy to get too.

    But ride them all.
  6. Thanks for the responses, I am on LAMS, but don't mind buying an open class bike, good to get the experience with and got people I can ride with wearing L's (October is the 12 month mark). Keeping the XVS650 as I am making a bobber with it (parts just arrived today :D). Currently got a VT25 as well which I am trying to sell, but am happy to get a third bike while I sell the VT25.
    Thanks for the info on the Vstrom, it does look nice, the main reason I am asking around is that I live in a rural town and would like to look at as many bikes as I can when I get down to the big smoke (insert banjo sounds here).
  7. The strom isn't learner legal. The competitor in the Kawasaki versys does have a version that is LAMs legal.

    I would get the Husky as the deals on that are pretty good at the moment and you could ride it around and not take too much of a bath when you get your fulls I reakon. Good bike to keep on your fulls anyway.
  8. yeah the husky does look intriguing. would be good to get an opinion on it.
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