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Second Bike, 2002 750 ZR7

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by deadman, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Well I just laid out the bikkies, and bought myself a new, Second hand bike,

    71,000 on the clock, 2002 model 750 ZR7 Kwakasaki Bit rough around the edges, But if Heather drops it, it wont matter, as it is a naked and not much major damage happens to a naked.

    Nice light bike that I can throw around on the dirt, Yeeeaaaahhhh.

    Not like the Bird, It hates dirt, and it is too top heavy for dirt any way,

    Now to train Heather to ride the damn thing, Duhh, All that again, Should be easier this time tho, The naked is a whole different Ball game,

    Totally different to riding her Hyosung 250 Cruiser,
    The Kwaka has get up and goooooo,

    She will like the fact that it stands itself up as you go faster, some thing she just cant get an understanding of, or a feel for,

    She will get it now, Hahahaha Its very positive when it stands up, Hahahaha

    Finally figured how to upload big piccys, Email them to myself, Save in my piccys,
    Then I can post them up. So here they are,


    Attached Files:

  2. Pic or it didn't happen.
  3. Agreed with NSSherlock, need some pics :)
  4. Finally got some piccys up. Enjoy.