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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jerrycl, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. I'm a newbie returning to bikes after many years not riding. Now have a ZRX1200R and have been looking at accessories/mods etc...

    I just got a price on a Corbin Gunfighter (carbon fibre embossed leather) seat for a ZRX1200R - US$427 landed in Aust (AUD538). To my mind this is a Hell of a lot of money for a bike seat - though they appear to be highly recommended by guys on the ZRXOA forum. One reason the price is so high is because of the freight to Australia at around US$100. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on something I could source locally that is still comfortable?

    Already ordered a fork brace for the bike and some mirror extenders from one of the guys on the ZRXOA list. But another piece of gear I'm considering is a Scotts Steering Damper - again, looks like I'll have to bring this in from the US. I know these aren't the cheapest alternative, but strikes me as being more crash-proof than a kit using a gixxer damper. Appreciate any ideas on this also.

    The fork brace and damper, I've been thinking, are justified on safety/handling grounds. The seat - at the price of the Corbin I will probably end up suffering with the stock unit (it only gets uncomfortable after 40 mins or so).

    Any ideas welcome.
  2. Jerry no being a smart asp here but tell me why you feel you need a aftermarket seat. 40mins is a problem with you not the seat. Then the answer will come.

    Going by the another things mentioned I expect you ride hard and fast in the twisties or high speed sweepers.
  3. The idea, in my head, behind this bike is that it's supposed to be a one-bike-does-it-all type job. Twisties and fast sweepers are the reasoning behind the fork brace and damper. Though the bike already seems to handle quite well, I'm thinking if it can be made to handle better then that's a plus worth having.

    For longer trips, I'm thinking about more perspex at the front for better wind deflection - I've seen some larger-than-stock drop-in replacement screens that should do the job. The Corbin seats are reported help on this front also, seating position is supposed to be a little lower, getting you under the turbulence more (or that's what I've read). Moreover, the seat does get uncomfortable as mentioned, I could tough it out - but why if there's an easy fix?

    The plan is to keep the bike a while. So I plan to get some value out of whatever gear I put on it - but, hopefully, I'll stop after this gear and won't start modding the bike like a nut :)
  4. Ok.

    Now before I start know that I do 2000+k days on a stock seat.

    I also run a fork brace and sonic front springs plus 15wt oil. for the same reasons.

    I had the stock cover undone and an extra wedge placed in the front to push me back further in the seat, personal choice and worked wonders. My bike has a stepped (two level) seat and it "makes" me sit back into the seat rather than getting ball crunch on longer rides.

    But now I have a AirHawk seat pad, its great.

    "IF" I were going to get a seat done I would try these Moorehouse guys http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~maddoggy/ or his brother www.twowheeltrimming.com.au/index.html

    I can never remember which is which but one answers his phone and mobile and the other one doesn't. Pick the one who does LOL

    Plus ARR mag now have Rick Mayer advertising in there, I "know" this guy as in online and he knows his stuff being he is a IBA member and Iron Butt Rally finisher (11,000m in 11days) he knows because he does it. http://www.rickmayercycle.com
  5. Great stuff. Exactly the kind of info I was after.